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With my review of the IDW “Rise of the Turtles” Comic being so short.  I’m doing two reviews today.  This one is going to be a fulfilled review as I normally do them, as we got issue 20 of the ongoing IDW TMNT Comics!  This shall not be a let down, as Tom Waltz has been keeping us on our toes with every issue of this amazing Comic Book series!  Here is my review of IDW TMNT #20!

The War on Planet Neutrino wages on as Raphael and Zak are fighting the Rock Soldiers.  Zak shows Raphael some of the Rock Soldiers weapons.  While Leonardo and Michelangelo are going against Krang to save the Royal Family, with Dask, Kala and the Princess.  Leo goes after Krang, as Kala and Mike charge in to save the King and Queen.  Lots of gunfire and action as the fight rages on.  Krang takes notice that these are Mutant Turtles and right away assumes that they are Baxter’s  Experiment.  The King and Queen are brought out of harms way as the Turtles fight Krang and his Soldiers.  Krang finally gets an opening and throws Leonardo into Michelangelo aiming his weapon at them.

Lots of action to enjoy as Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo take part in this battle.  Gun fire all over the place.  And a plan at work showing that they can get somewhere.  I love the writing here, as Krang takes in notice of the Turtles.  But the big question is how does Krang know these are Mutants and not aliens?  Right away he picked them to be Baxter mixed up project, even though they’re not on Earth.  Other than that I liked this scene a lot, as the action is well displayed in the artwork as well.  A fun start off to this issue of IDW.

Donatello is working with Fugitoid on fixing their new weapon. Don is amazed with the technology that they have.  As he points out that Fugitoid helped invent his family as well.  Fugitoid declines the invited part, but agrees that he played a part in their existence.  Donatello explains how Splinter believes they are reincarnated from Feudal Japan.  As Fugitoid gives Donatello his first science debate on how they could really be reincarnated.  They finish up the weapon and get it ready for battle.

This is a great scene.  Once again having Donatello question Splinter, even though he’s seen Saki and knows something is going on here.  Though on top of this, he finds himself getting science reasons brought to his attention which can not be proven or disproven.  Giving him a different way to look at things.  Personally, I am impressed and amused by how they wrote this into the story.  Fugitoid is a great person for Donatello to bounce things off of.  This is by far my favorite part of issue 20.

Raphael and Zak are fighting for their lives in the war.  Though they bump into a Giant problem.  While at Burnow island guards find that not only was their a break in, one of the Utroms is dead.  Karai empty out a tank of ooze that an Utrom was in.  Karai is getting away from the Island with the ooze.

These two short pages help keep the story moving.  As we see where Raphael and Zak are in their battle, we also get to find out what Karai did when she broke into that base in issue 19.   You see that the guards there are in a bit of a panic about the Utrom’s death so you know there’s going to be more coming about that soon.  We also learn that it is the ooze itself keeping the Utroms alive.  This is leading into a future story, which I can not wait to see.

Back to the fight with Michelangelo and Leonardo, things are not slowing down at all against Krang as he is going after these Turtles.  Angry to have them in his way.  Krang sees the King and Queen making their break for it, and he fires upon the Princess.  This pisses of Mikey as he goes against Krang, Leonardo joins in as the two brothers fight Krang at full force.  The Neutrinos watch as their brave new friends take on Krang.

A powerful battle as you see these two brothers going head to toe with Krang.  Who is a threatening force here.  He’s not going to give up or make this easy on the Turtles.  The art is flowing nicely through this action, you see the feeling and passion in the eyes of the characters.  The fear and hope.  With good artwork and great writing, this battle has become a full on joy ride.

Raphael and Zak are still fighting their giant problem.  Realizing things are getting worse for them. Zak calls out for help from any NRF that can hear him.  Though as he calls out he finds the other teams are also looking for reinforcement.  Things are looking dim for the Neutrino army.  Near by the End Missile is heading towards the war with Fugitoid and company flying not far behind it controlling it to do what they need.  Can they make it in time for these falling troops?

It’s nice seeing just how much work the teams are doing to win this war.  Each group is holding their own as best as they can.  But it all relies on them coming together to defeat Krang’s army.  The story is keeping me on the edge of my seat to see how Tom is planning to wrap this war up.  Hoping that this End Missile that Fugitoid made will be the answer.

The battle with Krang is still going.  With the Turtles having the upper hand it looks as if things may go their way.  Till a Rock Soldier shoots Dask, warning everyone to not move.  Krang gets his gun on Michelangelo.  Outside the fighting is getting hard and it looks like the End Missile will be taken down by the Giant warrior that Zak and Raph are fighting.  Things are turning for the worse all around.

The details, the story, the characters, the growth... how can anyone not love this comic?  I love that as Krang is holding Michelangelo at gunpoint, you see two throwing stars in his protected class where they’ve tried to get through to Krang.  The battle is about to end, but I do not want to spoil anymore for our readers here.  Find out if Fugitoid’s End missile works, if Krang is defeated or if he wins, if Fugitoid returns to earth and just how the Turtles are teleported back home.  Free or prisoners?  Best way to learn is by reading issue 20 of IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Personally I love this comic and can not get enough of it.  Every time I start to feel like they back themselves into a corner, Tom has some wonderful plot to pull them out of it.  With Kevin Eastman helping along the way, this duo of writers is bringing us an adventure of TMNT unlike any other with all the things we love about the Ninja Turtles, as well as giving us questions to crave the next issue.  If you have not picked up IDW TMNT, now is the time to do so!

Have you read issue 20 of the IDW TMNT series?  What are your thoughts?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below.

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That was a great issue. I already have issue #4 of The Secret History of the Foot Clan, have you got your copy yet?

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Yes I have gotten #4 of Secret History of the Foot. The review was going to be up today, as I was going to write it on Thursday. But due to the lost of my dog, Toby, I could not focus on writing a review. So I promise that review will be up at some point next week. Just a hard weekend for me right now.

i understand.