Review: IDW TMNT 21

TMNT21_cvrSUBThe new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Comic books by IDW has been bringing us on one adventure after another and promising so much more.  We just finished up the Dimension X story, where the Turtles got to meet the Neutrinos and Fugitoid, in a war against Krang.  Now the Turtles are home and we’re about to be lead into the new adventure with them.  Here is my review of issue 21 that just came out today.

This issue starts off with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doing their rooftop run.  Though while deciding to call it quits for the night they are attacked by a masked stranger.  This stranger reveals that he knows where their home is and once he beats the students, he’s going to go take on their master.  The Turtles are forced to fight this Ninja through many different scenes of the comic.  As we see them lose each time, not able to take down this stranger as he leads them to fight into their own home.  Can the Turtles prevent this strange Ninja from getting to Splinter?

I normally try to go through and talk about each scene, though this comic really does feel fight after fight with this one Ninja.  The artwork and writing is great as you see the Turtles standing up for Splinter.  Giving this fight all that they can.  A wonderful issue with a lot of great moments.  I really love how they keep pushing forward and the outcome this battle is well written

One of the best things in this issue of TMNT is that the artwork is done by Kevin Eastman!  I love going through and seeing his style all the way through the comic.  It’s a master piece.  A very thrilling thing that he has returned to the TMNT as much as he has and that IDW is able to keep him in the swing so us fans can enjoy the art of one of the many great artist that kept us around all these years.  Kevin’s style is one that we know well and is a warm and comfort sight to see through the pages of issue 21.

The end of this book has a little bit extra, that does go off of the Turtles showing what the Shredder is up too.  And it’s no good, as the Turtles are about to find themselves a new problem that they may not be ready to face.  I can not wait till issue 22 to see how “City Fall” begins!

Have you read issue 21 of IDW TMNT?  What are your thoughts?  Do you like all of the fight scenes?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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I hope you can soon, it came out over a week ago.

Michele Ivey's picture

Nope have not read the Krang Comic yet.

Great comic, shows that Kevin still got's it. Have you gotten to read Krang's comic yet?