Review: IDW TMNT #22 "City Fall" 1

IDW started off in 2011 with their first TMNT storyline, showing us the new version of the Ninja Turtles. Next we got to know more of Stockman and see the build up to the Shredder. Keeping us pulled in the full time, as we got up to the Krang War going to Dimension X. This brought us away from New York and the story that they started teasing with us early. Shredder wants Leonardo, Karai is suppose to catch Leo for Shredder. Hard for her to do when Leo is off fighting Krang. Now the Turtles are back in New York, with their family. The time has come for us to see where Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman are leading us in their newest adventure “City Fall”, when Shredder finally gets Leonardo. Here is my review of “City Fall” Part 1.

This issue starts off with Shredder talking about what is going on from his point of view. As the Savate has got a leader. How they have been able to avoid him. When Kitsune asks him what he proposes to do, his reply is “Embrace our Destiny”.

This is a nice intro into City Fall, as I do know some Turtle fans who are planning to start reading the IDW comics at this story arc. Having Shredder lay out the picture of what has been going on, it’s a good way to know where they’re going with this plot. With artwork from Mateus Santolouco this book pulled me straight in from the start.

Elsewhere in the city Casey Jones and Raphael off on their patrol. Though Casey has sidetracked them to check in on his father. Watching his dad drink his life away at the bar. Raph is bored and disappointed with Casey’s dad. When Raph and Casey go to leave they are attacked by the Foot Clan. Both Raph and Casey put up a good fight, though they get overpowered by the Foot.

I loved the layout of the fight, just watching the Foot bring Casey down fast. The color work in the panel where Casey is hit, pulls your eyes to it fast as there’s this red and orange glow to it. While the other panels are darks with blues, black and grey. This is a great move in the coloring by Ronda Pattison. Drawing ones eyes to the panel fast and easy for the readers to not miss this important move in the fight. I really do love the detail of watching Raph get pinned down, hearing the orders and watching the tape going over his mouth. I really enjoy that they’re not wasting any time in getting the plot started. Right away the Foot makes a move against the Turtles.

Raphael is thrown into a car, where he sees Karai. She speaks to him briefly, before ordering the driver to take them to the docks. Raph breaks free, grabs his sais and jumps out of the car going over into the water. The Foot Ninja informs Karai that the Mutant is gone, as she replies “Yes... All is going to plan”.

Clearly Raph’s escape was meant to happen. As Casey and him are not Shredder’s target. It’s clear Raph is pissed, but knew he could be overpowered again. The expression on Raph’s face, shows that he is really scared at first. He was not ready for this and knows Casey and him are in danger. While the look on Karai is more annoyed. She never wanted to do this mission, and knows that the Turtle needs to get away. So she’s relaxed just going on with the plan. The Foot just sitting there in the back seat with the sais, is even a bit relaxed. There’s no one tensed up ready to kick him if need be. This gives Raph the easy escape he got. I do like that the Foot Soldiers talk in this comic series, they don’t really have any Foot Soldiers standing out one way or another, but they speak when need be.

In the Lair Leonardo and Splinter are working out in the lair, as Michelangelo is reading a comic and April is hanging with Donatello at his computer. The focus is on Leo and Splinter, as Leo takes a hit. Splinter explains how he was able to hit Leo with a full lesson here. Donatello is telling April about the security he has got set up around their new home. He explains he’s careful because of Slash as Mike points out Old Hob and the Mousers. Don is hoping that he can get the time to test the ooze that April got from Stockgen and work on the Technodrome problem.

Good to see everyone doing their own thing here. Though I have to admit the art pulled me out of the moment between Splinter and Leonardo. It just seemed like Leo was not into the lesson at all. In fact, it just seemed as if he was distant. I am not sure if Leo was suppose to be that way, though after issue 21 where Splinter showed them how much they need to learn, I would think Leo would be more interested in what Splinter has to show. But his body is just a bit limp, his arms hanging down, his eyes, even his mouth. I do not know what they were going for here, the lines sound normal. It’s the art that caught me off here. I’m still not use to this design of Splinter, it pulls him more into a rat look. Though that does not remind me of Splinter, I’m use to him being skinnier, the thick fur around the neck reminds me of the Next Mutation design.

The alarm goes off, freaking out the family that was just relaxed. Raphael comes in screaming that ‘they got get going... they got casey”. The others are confused and realizes that Raph is being very rash and not thinking things through. Splinter asked what happen as Raph explains, he’s pissed and still trying to just run out. Leonardo grabs him as we see a Raph and Leo fight starting. Splinter breaks it up fast and says they’re both right. They need a plan, though they need to act fast. Splinter tries to reassure Raph that they will do everything in their powers to save Casey.

I admire the attention to detail here in the art. As we watch the normal fight breaking out we still get to see April’s reaction to hearing that the Foot has Casey. Even when walking away we see April’s arms wrapped around herself, with Michelangelo’s head turn to look towards her, clear he’s worried about April. Splinter is with Raph, who still looks angry. This is a scene where the art and writing flowed together nicely. One thing with IDW is that we have not seen much of te fight between Raph and Leo, which we have seen in most versions of Turtles. I’m glad that they’re not over doing it, so that scenes like this could be a bit more powerful.

On the doc Karai and Alopex are the only two Foot members in sight. Alopex asks if Karai is sure that the Turtles will come for Casey. Karai is sure, for they are Ninja. A Clan.

Karai is annoyed, but doing what she has too. Her line “Foolishly Loyal unto Death” is kind of a reflection upon herself. She’s loyal, even when she does not agree with Shredder. I like that I can see that she’s not angry, but is not happy either. There’s this sadness mixed with the annoyed look.

The Turtles get near by, and have April wait at the van. Raphael and April have a short talk, as he promises to get Casey back. As Raph takes off to join the others Angel is coming out of a door near where the van. She’s taken off guard seeing the van there. Splinter, Leonardo and Raph get to a rooftop looking down over where Karai has Casey. Raph questions where Michelangelo and Donatello are, as Splinter tells him that they were sent head. We see that Mike and Don are taking the water route.

The writing in this is really good, as we get to watch the layout of the plan. We see that the Turtles are being careful while the Foot has their trap set. We see that Raph wants to get things started and we see how a friend stumbles into the mess. Everything is falling into their places for the battle. The setup is good and fast. Biggest problem is I don’t normally see that many stars in the sky while in New York City.

Raphael sees only the two females guarding Casey he wants to take them. Splinter is not letting him, as Raph protest till Shredder appears on the screen. Shredder walks towards the three on the doc. Karai and Alopex bow to Shredder as he walks towards them. Leonardo, Raph and Splinter realize that this is bad.

It’s building up more and more here, as you can see the fear in Raphael’s face. They do take Shredder serious and realize things have gotten worse. Once again the art and story flow together good. The art in the scene where Raph is walking towards Karai and Alopex is one of my favorites, just seeing Casey’s body laying there out cold. This is a work of art.

April has her own scare back at the van, as she has a stick tapping on her window. She realizes it’s Angel and rows down the window to talk to her. She tells Angel what is going on. This does not go over well with Angel, she tells April to wait at the van and goes off to help the Turtles. Though Shredder is already making his move as he knows just how to get his enemies out of hiding. Shredder grabs up Casey and threatens him loudly to Hamato Yoshi, as Casey wakes up. Shredder threat is not empty as Casey takes a very nasty blow which sends Raphael flying out of hiding, follow fastly by his brothers.

The fight is now in action. And what a fight it is! The Foot come out of hiding. Raphael is out of control with anger. Casey is down. Leonardo is working with Splinter. Karai is going about the real plans of their mission. I adore the art and writing through this full fight. Seeing Shredder being right there in the action, against the Turtles. Though this is such a powerful scene in the comic that I do not want to spoil it for anyone. To learn what happens, pick up IDW issue 22! And follow “City Fall” as this is going to be one hell of a ride!

I am really excited about where IDW has been going with the Turtles. The only problem has been the change of art styles, which is something we have seen through many TMNT series. So we can deal with it. At least we know that Mateus will be with us through “City Fall”. The best thing going for the series has been our writing crew, Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman having Bobby Curnow on editing. These three men have been keeping this ride going, keeping me waiting for every issue and I want to make say Thanks to them for bringing us a wonderful TMNT series! Please keep it coming for years to come!

Have you read issue 22 of IDW TMNT? What is your thought of the beginning of “City Fall”? Please share reviews, questions and comments below!

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I thought it was awesome! A great introduction to the series for me, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

This is one great issue, i hope it continues being great. I just heard that Whoopi Goldberg is going to play Bernadette, or "Bern," Thompson in the new TMNT movie, what are your thoughts of this news?

Michele Ivey's picture

Heh not sure what to think of that, I should do a write up about all the news on the film soon. Just haven't had the chance recently to work on that.

I really like these comics. One thing is that they have Shredder right in these fight scenes and he doesn't fight... I don't get it. I really don't know if I were dead set on a vendetta, I would just stand there and not whoop on these Turtles. It happened here and at the end of issue 4 of secrets of the foot clan.