Review: IDW TMNT #24

This last weekend I got to go Comic Con International and saw some of the most awesome panels one of which was the IDW TMNT panel where they shared even more about what is coming up for the new IDW TMNT Comics.  The excitement is at full throttle as I sit here on the edge of my seat.  With knowing all the cool stuff to come, we sit and wait for it one Comic at a time.  Today in markets one of these issues is hitting the stand.  This is issue 24 which continues with the “City War” storyline.  I will share the news from San Diego Comic Con soon.  First here is my review of IDW TMNT #24.

We start off in this issue with Karai training as Shredder comes and stops her.  Saki takes a moment to ask her about her training, as she confirms this is one of the forms that she trains with.  He wants her to be ready to fight Yoshi and his brood.  Karai is curious how Saki knows they will find them.

A good intro for the issue as I’ve been waiting to see a little more Karai.  I am happy to get to see some of her training and seeing Saki’s reaction to the training.  What I really want to see though is her and Leo’s first interactions, as this is the tension that has me most interested so far in City Fall.

Following this we see into Casey’s dreams as he’s playing Hockey and his mom pays him a visit.  She tells him that he has done all he can for his father and to go on with his own life now.  He has fulfilled his promise to her.  Casey wants to know if she’s an Angel, though as he asks he starts to wake up at the Hospital with April and Angel sitting there with him.  Angel and April talk with Casey there and inform him that Raph’s okay but Leo is missing.  They also tell him there is a lot more to share.  He wants them to start with what’s going on with the Turtles.

This is one thing I’m not sure about.  Casey is waking up from a surgery, last thing he needs is tension and stress.  April could've left off with Raph is okay and with Splinter.  There was no need to bring up the other stress.  Casey Jones is not someone who is just going to sit around no matter how hurt he is.  At this time they should of found something else to tell him about and wait till he’s doing a little better.  Waking up to news like that is just going to leave him more and more restless and wanting out of bed.

On a rooftop the Turtles, Splinter, and Old Hob look down upon the location that Hob says Leonardo is at.  Raphael questions Hob about this.  Hob assures them that he is right about where Leo is.  Don, Raph and Splinter discuss their thoughts on this as Don realizes Mikey is not standing with them.  He sees that Mike is giving Slash a Candy bar.  Hob calls for them to go and they leave heading to a door where Hob lets them enter first, then he locks them inside.

I like this scene, it shows that they are still having a hard time with Hob.  The innocent grin that Hob gives is fantastic and the Slash with the Candy bar.  The writing and art is great here as it moves the story along there is also character growth.  I really do love how much thought is put into this comic.  It seems that Mikey is making a good bond with Slash that could come in handy.  He needed a new friend.  I hope this is a friendship that can last. 

Inside it’s dark and the Turtles find themselves in a trap.  Shredder, Karai and Alopex waits for them.  Shredder informs them of his crime wave that he has started and tells them that Splinter’s son is dead.  Splinter jumps at Shredder to attack only to be stopped by Leonardo.  Leo stands there in Footgear, sword in hand ready for a fight protecting Shredder.  Splinter goes to talk to Leo, but Leo kicks him right in the face hard saying that he is not Splinter’s son.  And the fight begins as his brothers each go after Leo to stop him.

This is a very strong and powerful scene.  I feel so badly for Splinter as Leo kicks him down.  I love Leo’s foot costume, he fits right in with Shredder and Karai.  It is neat to see a Turtle standing by Shredder’s side.  In so many versions of TMNT, Shredder has asked for this.  Though to finally get one, this is a story arc I will enjoy.  Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow and Kevin Eastman are truly putting together a work of art here that I highly recommend to all Turtle fans.  Just to see where a story like this can go.  With Mateus Santolouco doing the art, each panel has depth, feeling and character to it. 

Splinter, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael are trapped.  Surrounded by Foot.  Leonardo fighting against them. Betrayed by Old Hob when he locked the only exit they know of.  How will they get out of this spot?  If you want to know that go pick up the comic in stores now!  It’s totally worth the read.

Have you read TMNT #24?  What are your thoughts on Dark Leo?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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The line from Hob about lying and the face that followed was great! I also liked the exchange between Mikey and Slash. It reminded me of a similar moment our turtle friend had with Leatherhead in the Nickelodeon series.