Review: IDW TMNT #25

Karai hates Leonardo being above her in the Foot Clan.  Splinter knows his son is now working for the Foot.  Raphael is determined to get Leonardo back.  Casey is learning all the bad stuff as he’s in the hospital.  This is just some of the stories that are touched in IDW TMNT #25 as “City Fall” goes on wrapping the fans more into the story.  In stores today for fans to read this next thrilling chapter of IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Here is my review.

The issue shows the Foot getting attacked by the Savate, as they were being lead by Karai.  Out numbered Karai and the Foot fight a losing battle.  Karai is pissed as she is insulted by the Savate.  Only for Leonardo to come in and clean up the mess with an army of Foot Soldiers.  Karai goes to take out the one who pissed her off, only for Leonardo to stop her and give a threat warning to be delivered. 

This is a nice pick up from the Karai issue that just came out recently.  We see both Leonardo and Karai in the same battle.  It is very clear that she is not happy with how this full fight went down.  Though Leo does not seem to care at all about that as long as the job is done.    I really do like Mateus’s artwork here.  Full details in each panel.

In the Hospital Casey and April are doing a video chat with Donatello as he fills them in about Leonardo.  We learn that it’s been almost two weeks.  Don explains that Raphael is out trying to get information and Splinter went to do deal with Old Hob.  Michelangelo is there with Donatello eating some pizza. Once they say good bye Casey and April talk, as Casey stresses that he wants to be out there helping the guys.  April assures him that he has to stay here and rest.  The two of them exchange a kiss. 

This is a nice fill in for anyone who is just picking up the comic.  To show there’s a backstory, which could hopefully inspire people to check into why Leonardo is with the Foot and who Old Hob.  I also enjoy that this is showing the information being exchanged between characters, instead of just assuming the characters have been told. 

Raphael is out beating up thugs who he knew from a past fight.  He’s trying to find information on the Foot and believes they know more than they’re telling him.  The guys try their best to put up a fight with Raphael and find themselves hurt.  When they realize they can’t beat Raph, they give him information on someone else to get him off of their case.

The leader of the Savate, Victor, is taking down a Foot Soldier when he gets a call to come in for a meeting.   He’s not thrilled to be called in as he says that he’s working.  Once with the family he hears them go on about their feelings on his action.  The family wants an answer to their problems that would not put them in war with the Foot Clan.  Once one of the guys raise their voice at Victor he finds himself dead.  Victor tells the others they could either be the predators or prey.

This is an interesting group of people.  Introduced early on in the IDW Comics, brought back in Kevin’s annual last year and now becoming a key part in the on going story.  An enemy of the Foot Clan that causes trouble.  We have seen the Foot against enemies before, though those groups are normally just treated as a plot tool.  Here we’re watching some of the Savate grow into characters themselves.  I am curious to where all this is going to go.

Back with the Foot Shredder has his pet, Koya returning from hunting.  Once Koya is with Shredder, he orders Leonardo to give a report.  Leonardo informs Shredder that the plan went well.  Karai voices her complaint that she should serve a higher purpose than bait.  Shredder informs her that this was Leonardo’s idea.  Karai goes off on Leonardo, she’s angry about this full plan.  Shredder orders her silence at this point Karai exit the screen.

I am enjoying this plot watching as things are boiling between Karai and Leonardo.  I find it interesting how Leo is so cold towards Karai.  And I love that Karai is not just taking this sitting back in quiet. 

There is SO much more to this comic.  Though for me to go on I would end up giving the full issue away.  As we see a wonderful scene where Raphael gets confronted about his way of dealing.  Splinter makes a deal in hopes of getting Leonardo back.  And characters many fans would die for make an appearance.  These are all wonderful topics and exciting moments in the new IDW Comics.  I feel like a kid again waiting for the new issues to come out. 

This is only part 4 of “City Fall”.  A story which us fans can sit back and see what happens if Shredder gets what he wants.  And to see one of the Turtles truly working for the Foot.  It is the IDW version of City at War, where we see the Foot at war to regain control of the crime.  With all their own twists and turns making this IDW’s own story.  I recommend the full IDW TMNT series to all fans, just to give a try.  The more one reads, the more they’re hooked.

Have you read IDW TMNT #25?  What is your thoughts of this issue?  All reviews, comments and questions below!

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Great Issue, can't wait for more. Do you think Casey's Dad is involved with Hun or is he Hun?