Review: IDW TMNT #6

This week issue 6 of the IDW TMNT comics came to stores.  After recently re-reading the other issues this was great timing as I got to go straight from reviewing those into following it up with the new story.  And with how excited I was with issue five of the series, issue six could only get me more excited about IDW.

This issue start off with a four page chase scene.  As the Turtles noticed someone on the run, being chased by two ninjas.  They follow, though during that time they begin to bicker.  Leonardo picks a fight with Donatello and Michelangelo along the way.  During the chase, Leonardo notices that the guy being chased uses parkour.  Donatello gets to explain this to the other turtles, and those of us that never heard of parkour before.  Once the chase is over, the Turtles watch from the edge of a roof to see how things unfold.

Personally this is a love-hate scene for me.  I like the idea of seeing the guys out doing stuff together, but I’m wondering if they’re going to keep Leonardo as a jerk?  Leonardo, to me, was the strong leader who was there for his brothers, tried to help support their likes and creative sides.  He was someone to look up too, someone the others could respect.  This Leonardo is not someone I can respect with the way he’s treating his family here.  He took a lot of stabs that was uncalled for, purposely hurting his brothers and starting fights.  While I know Leo was never perfect, he was never this big of a jerk.  I hope that some lesson is going to hit him in the face and he does not remain like this.

Off to the side, they watch a fight starting to break out and the guy being attacked speaks french.  I do not speak french so, no I don’t know what he’s saying.  During this time Raph shows that he wants to help, in which Leonardo tells him no.  We get to watch the fight as the Ninjas attack the other man. He is able to fight back for a bit though they do take him down.  At this point Raph refuses to stay sitting and jumps up to help, but the Ninjas take off in a ‘Ninja Grenade’.

This was ok, as I know it’s to move a story along.   The art was good, the movement was cool.  And this is where Leo gets to put his upper hand over Raph as well.  Wouldn’t be right if we don’t see a bit of a clash between those two, esp with all the clashing that went on with Leo and his other brothers.

Once out in the open the Turtles go up to the French guy.  Now Leonardo is over there concerned about the guy, when he was the one to choose not to help.  Raph is upset about them taking off.  The French guy says his final words before dieing.  Donatello translate it as “War is coming”

Not really much to say about this page.  As the Turtles have got the information needed to bring home, it was an over drawn plot mover that just showed us how bad off the Turtles are as a team right now.

Following this we had to learn what was going on with Old Hob and that Baxter Stockman.  Stockman is upset because Hob had two fights with the Turtles and came back with nothing.  He asked Hob what he wants to defeat the Turtles, what could change this before he strikes out.   Hob’s response is an army, Stockman likes this response.

I have one issue with this.  Are we to believe that in the year that Old Hob was searching for the Turtles and Splinter, that he only found them those two times?  That we just happen to come in when he got lucky?  That there hasn’t been other fights as the two teams search for Raph?  What about how Splinter was going through and picking off the thugs in issue 5?   The fact that they narrowed it down to two scenes makes me wonder... what has Hob been doing over the last year?

Looking to the next page we have Casey and his father.  Casey is looking at April’s number that she hung up in the office.  His dad asks what he’s got, as Casey replies it’s for a job.  He takes the number and heads to what looks to be his room to call for this ‘job’.  Slowly they make their way to showing us how Casey and April meet.  This was predicted from issue 5.  What I find most interesting about this is that they’re not meeting through the Turtles this time.  So this is a first.

Back to the lair, the Turtles are telling Splinter what happened.  Splinter has interest in this and is already calling the two ninjas “Foot Ninja”.   We learn that the French guy was using a French fighting style called Savate.  Splinter now feels that this is a fight that they are fated to confront their foes.  Donatello questions this, he doesn’t really believe in reincarnation.  Splinter says he understands.

At this point I was excited, Don asked the question that the last issue left.  How are we to know that these four turtles and the rat is really Yoshi and his children?  It does not make sense, and why is Splinter the only one with full memories?  It’s clear something is up with the Turtles’ bodies already trained as if they knew their fighting style before, but there has to be more to it.  It was great to see Don be the one to question this, that is totally in character for him!  Favorite Don moment is right there.

Splinter now tries to explain on how their ‘reincarnation’ is related to science.  It had something to do with the shots he was getting the lab they were at.  He went on talking about it, and how he found the Turtles.  This is all shown as a flashback.  He realized that the lab people were evil and when April came in she was the first good heart who he tried to warn about what was really going on with the lab.   Don still questions why, as Splinter does not really have an answer.

This was the biggest uplift and let down for me in the issue.  I got excited thinking that they were going to explain it, but I felt this flashback was weak because we don’t really learn what the shots were doing to him.  We don’t learn how it connects to the Turtles being his sons.  I was hoping for a better story than what we got.

We now get to see Casey going in to meet April, when he first gets there the roommate answers the door.  Though she goes off and gets April.  The first page with April and Casey together is a full page panel.  Casey’s surprised by what he sees.  Though this is where we’re left off.

I’m guessing this story will pick up in Issue 7, it’s being drawn out a bit.  Will be interesting in where it goes, just not use to things like meeting someone take two to three issues of a comic book.  Just like with the earlier comics, it’s getting to be a bit of a pet peeve on how short and slow these issues are.  The action is nice, but it’s the plot that I’m saying is going slow.

The next two pages are of Baxter and Old Hob, as Baxter is telling Hob about an army that he will give Hob to help out in the third battle.  He leads Hob into a dark room, closes the door and presses a button that says Activate.

Baxter is good. He’s very wordy which is how Baxter is known to be.  He’s picking on the lack of knowledge that Hob has, which is also a great way of showing Baxter.  His character is really on and works.  Hob is not happy about the trap he’s been walked in on, as Baxter is going to test Hob’s skills. I do like the art work used to show the panic in his eyes as the door is slammed shut.

In the following pages, Hob is attacked in the dark.  You don’t see what’s attacking him, besides for jaws here and there.  Though if you know Ninja Turtles at all you can tell he’s under attack by Mousers.  Hob tries to fight back but is over powered by the Mousers and begs for Baxter to call them off.

This is great, I’m excited as I see the jaws of the mousers.  If there’s one thing all Baxter Stockman’s have in command, it’s their mousers.  They were in the comics, the original series, the 4Kids series and now here in IDW.  I look forward to the mousers, as they’re something we all know from very early on in Ninja Turtles.

The final page is a work of art, as Stockman is standing surrounded by his mousers.  Mousers of different shapes and sizes.

Overall this comic has a lot of mix feelings for me with Leonardo feeling out of character in how he’s treating his brothers.  I have issues with how Splinter lead us on to think science is the answer to how they are who they are, when really it just seem to wake him up instead.  I would like to find out a reason behind it.  I’m also disappointed that the format of the issue is still the same as the first five issues where all the stories seem to short.  It doesn’t have the feeling of an old Mirage, Archie or Image Turtle comic where you got a lot to go over.  It just seems like you get glimpses like someone is changing the TV channel on you ever minute.  The beginning of the comic was the only part of this issue where it felt like it was going to start going into a normal pace, but that ended as soon as the French ninja died.

It’s not hard for me to choose a favorite line in this issue though.  I cracked up laughing with Donatello’s line “Well my French isn’t nearly as good as my HTML, but I’m pretty sure he said...”  that line was so funny to me.  I know people who could say that and mean it.   Awesome line and delivery time.

The thing that I less liked was clear through my review, it was Leonardo.  It makes me wonder what crawled up his shell and died.  He’s got a very rude attitude towards the others and is just a disappointment.  I would of liked the beginning of this issue a lot more, if Leo was not being so mean to the others.  His comments were uncalled for.

If you have read this issue please do leave a comment below letting us know what you think of this issue. I’m personally looking forward to issue 7 and the Donatello mirco comic that is coming out soon.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting a review of Mirco Series #1, Raphael. 

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Hahah I too loved Donnie's line. Cracked me up as well. And I totally know what you mean about Leo. He does seem OoC from the Leo we've seen portrayed in other TMNT renditions, but we must accept this is a new start. I'm sure Leo will lighten up soon. And Splinter's science spiel...well he definitely knew he would get a chance in another life before he died that first time, ya know. And I guess what he was saying was given the "rat" brain he had he couldn't cognitively be himself. Have you seen "Rise of Planet of the Apes", kinda the same thing there. All in all I loved this issue. Totally loving this series.

And I must say i've been a facebook follower of the cowabunga corner for about a year and I love your specials/articles/etc. That one you did with the Niro Cielo...fantastic. Oh and Cowabunga!

Michele Ivey's picture

Heh yeah I know it's a new world of TMNT, doesn't mean I have to like those type of changes. It's just there's already so many bullies out there, Leo is a great Turtle to respect. I felt the same thing with the TMNT 2007 film. He was out of character, and made it hard to enjoy. I do hope he gets some of that respect back as a character.

Glad you're enjoying Cowabunga Corner. We've still got a lot more to come. :)

Yes, you're right. Give them time though...I think Leo'll come around. As you were saying, the issues seem fairly short; and I agree some have left me thinking more should've happened. I'm looking forward to the last two micros. Maybe Leo's will let us see why he is the way he is[speaking of TMNT ' yea he was annoying in the movie, but by the end of it I loved him].

And more to coem you say? I'll stay tuned. :D

Wow, I read the opening scene completely differently. I took Leo's comments as friendly brotherly ribbing and liked it a lot, as too often Leo is written as an ultra-serious guy who never jokes with his family.

I'm pretty sure the French guy invites the ninjas to attack him and then insults their fighting skills. I'm sad he only lasted four pages.

Michele Ivey's picture

I have a hard time looking at as friendly brotherly ribbing, when we see the expressions of the brothers. Mike looked hurt by what Leo said to him. Don was looking a bit upset by those words. *shrug* Not really fan of Leo treating the others that way.

Hmm... looking again.

Mike doesn't look hurt to me, he looks put out because he knows Leo is right.

As for Don, every few exchanges he and Leo drop the argument, agree on something, and work together. To me it looks like a fake fight that they have all the time because abusing your brother is fun.

I see your point, and just from the words it's hard to tell. Even if it's a real fight, I still like it because it shows us something interesting about Leo's character - maybe Leo and Raph have been fighting all these years because LEO has a need to argue with people!