Review: IDW TMNT Classics Vol. 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Volume 2 has come out.  This is a mix of stories of Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories.  In Volume 1, we had one issue plus a bunch of stories that could be found in other books, but together could be found in Shell Shock.  Now Volume 2 has come out, as they are focusing straight on Mirage issues right now.  Exciting to see in color, though still wishing these were all going into the awesome books that are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection.  Here are my thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Volume 2

Once I got into it, there is a bit of a difference right away.  The awesome page they had telling us  which story was where in Volume 1 is no longer there.  So I start to flick through the pages to find that the first story is straight from Mirage Volume 1, with the cover there it’s issue 16.   As I want to know what is all in this book I keep going to find that there are two other stories in this book both from Volume 1, issues 22 and 23.  Now the three stories do connect, they are all Mark Martin’s stories.  Each one connected to the other.

I do find it neat to get a book with these stories back to back.  So we can read them in order.  I see in the back they have each of the issues listed.  Now that I know what is in the book, I can go back to the front to give it a good read through.  The color through this book is GREAT, they really give a nice feel to it, and I would think it was always color not black and white if I didn’t know better.  The color work is done by Rhonda Pattison.  Rhonda did a great job.

Overall, the story is fun to read through, the color is an extra perk to a fun ride with the Turtles being pulled on strange adventures.  This book would be great for anyone who has not read the Mirage comics, A collector who wants everything that comes out, or any fan of Mark Martin.  It’s three action packed issues with a lot to read and enjoy.

While I like seeing these other books come out.  I still feel though the thing that had me loving the idea of the Ultimate Collection was because at first it was every issue in order.  That’s what I would still love to see in a set of Collector books of the series.  While we got the Color Classics still coming out.  These books are good for focus on certain artists or story lines.  But it would be beyond awesome to have a set of collector books with the full series.

Do you have this book?  What are your thoughts?  Please share comments, reviews and questions below.

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