Review: IDW TMNT Micro Series #1

Welcome to my review of IDW TMNT Micro Series #1, still in the midst of catching up with comics that came out during the time of my surgery and while healing.  If you’ll like to know more about the surgery and why I fell behind here on Cowabunga Corner please read RSD Update.

This issue starts off after the first four issues of IDW TMNT series.  Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello are off doing their rounds, they asked Raph go with them but Wednesdays is when he hangs out with Casey Jones.  The two of them are taking out thugs, who look like they just robbed a bank.  Though as they had a good start, things slowed down and Casey started asking Raph what it’s like having a family now.  Raph did not seem to talkative about the subject, but Casey was interested.

It’s interesting to see a different writer and art team take on the IDW Turtles.  There is a slight different feel to the writing and characters here then in the IDW issues.  Where Raph is a little more talkative with Casey in IDW, in this Raph is kind of like his old self.  More looking for action than talk.

Casey takes notice to someone in bandages on the run from two thug members.   Raph and Casey follow the attack, and jump in to help the person being attacked.  The interesting thing here is the attackers are two men that are clearly people we should know from the original cartoon series.  Raph takes out one of them and goes to take out the other, though one hit was not enough as he got up to run, Casey came down and finished the job.

It’s very interesting to see Bebop and Rocksteady return to Ninja Turtles.  Something I was not excepting at all.  Though then again, these comics have been filled with things that I have not been excepting to see.  Wasn’t too surprised that they fell fast, though really excited to see them in this series.  I like that they’re even wearing the clothes we know them for.

Once Casey and Raph get a look at the character who was being chased, they see a female snow fox mutant.  She gets up to run, though Raph and Casey do not follow, they just watch her.  This takes her by surprise so she stops to talk to them, introducing herself as Alopex.  She tells her backstory of how she was taken and changed in a lab.  She spoke of how she escaped and has been on the run since.  She asked for Raph’s story, but he was not willing to share.  Raph decides to bring Alopex to his home for the others to tell her their story, leaving Casey to clean up the mess.

This was a nice way of introducing the character, and I do like that Raph didn’t take the bait of giving the backstory.  The interactions between the characters were good.  Though like most fans I’ve talked to since this came out, the idea of a female Fox meeting up with Raphael, seems very interesting seeing how he use to date a female Fox in the Archie comics named Ninjara.  Is this the new Ninjara?  She doesn’t really look to much like her at first glance, but change her clothes and colors and it could be there.

Raph did blind fold her and was carrying her, though as they were going he started to think more about what was going on here.  He realized that she was better than she claimed and that this could be a trap.  So he decided to test her, dropping her off a roof.  At first she was upset, then she realized that he caught on to her.  She asked how long he knew, he said from the beginning, giving her a lie.

I like these pages as it has a nice layout showing things as they happen.  The art work is really laid out nicely and everything is left in character.  The Raph in this issue is great.  He’s got his attitude and wit about him, which is making this a joy to read.

Now they break into a fight.  Throwing stars, claws and kicks are all used to keep these pages interesting for the readers.  Raph is trying to figure out who she’s working for, though she has no intention on telling him.  The fight ends in a draw, as she uses a flash grenade to escape leaving Raph with no answers.

Again I love the layouts, as it tells the story as your eyes are able to follow everything in order.  No questioning of what is next.  The writing is great as Raph still is on top of his game here, even though she got away.  He won this battle.  Only complaint about the art is the sais, though a lot of people who draw sais for comics makes this mistake. They don’t look real with that very pointy tip.  It would be nice to see an artist give Raph proper sais.  I do like how they show where Raph drops the sais and they’re not back in his hands for the rest of the fight.

The following page is basically the beginning of the wrap up, as Raph explains that he took a long way home to make sure he was not followed, how each of his brothers reacted to the news and Leonardo’s plan on how to keep each other protected.  Raph is not suppose to go back to that area, and they are now to travel in teams of two.   Though Raph breaks the rules by going out alone and back to that area, to speak with Casey about what happened.  He informs Casey of the new rules, though he also says he’s going to be dragging Casey along with them, how he is part of their family.

I do like this part as they show each of the characters matching up to the other IDW comics, including this Casey being a bit depressed.  Though this does have the one drawing that I really don’t care for in the full book.  It’s of Casey smiling... really he doesn’t look right to me at all.  I love the way Dan Duncan draws him, as he has more of a Casey feel.  As good as Franco Urru is doing in this comic, and he is good,  I just don’t think he draws Casey that well.   Which was a good reason for him to be wearing his mask through the beginning of this issue.

While this seems like this could be the end of the comic, they give us a follow up with Alopex.  Showing her now with Bebop and Rocksteady.  They’re discussing what happened, and Alopex does not seem happy about this.  Though Bebop and Rocksteady are just complaining about how they are not mutants yet.  This leads us to the last page, a Ninja warrior telling them that they will be changed “when the Master wills it.”   The Shadow on the wall behind the Ninja warrior is the Shredder.

Excitement grew right through me seeing this.  The Foot, Bebop and Rockstead... the SHREDDER... how exciting can this be.  This is the stuff we’re waiting for, a story with a beginning, middle and end all in one comic which leads up to a larger story.  And this ending was just perfect for this comic!

Overall I love this issue.  I think that Brian Lynch caught the characters really well, and did a great job.  Franco Urru did wonderful on the art work, besides for his Casey Jones without the mask, I enjoyed the art and it really did keep me swept into the story.  Together they make a great team.  This issue was suppose to be after issue 5, shown by Raph having his sais and the other Turtles wearing their proper color was a good way of showing where is stood in the story.  They did sort of try to hide the Turtle colors by using shading when they were in the picture.  So it wouldn’t really stand out.

This really is a comic I enjoyed cover to cover.  It didn’t feel too short at all, as it really gave us a chance to follow one story.  I prefer this over a bunch of stories put into a normal length comic book.  I am excited about the other comics that are to come in the Micro Series.

I will be posting my review of “IDW TMNT Mirco Series #2” soon, for those who don’t know, it’s a story about Michelangelo.   In the meantime, please feel free to share your reviews and thoughts in the comments below!  No user account required to join in on this conversation.

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I'm stopping by once again to let ya know this is a great review. :D I really loved this issue as well. Can't wait to ehar what you have to say about Mikey's. I've got ALOT of say about that one actually. I should check out TMNT-L more often. Haven't been in awhile. Pumped for Donnie's on Wednesday. :D

Michele Ivey's picture

Glad you're enjoying and thanks for commenting. The Mike review will be up tomorrow... all I'll say right now is I like this one a lot more. Brian did a great job with Raph's personality and giving us a story that we can enjoy. This here is my favorite IDW issue so far.