Review: IDW TMNT Micro Series #6

With the new IDW Series, each of our characters have gone through some major rewrites.  One of these characters is Casey Jones.  Casey has been a major part of TMNT history since the early Mirage Comics, though usually his family life is not too much into the story.  4Kids gives you the idea that Casey’s dad’s shop was burned down by the Purple Dragons.  Both 4Kids and Mirage introduces Casey’s grandmother’s farmhouse, and his cousin.  Though the new IDW book has gone a bit more into Casey’s family life by bringing Casey’s father into the story.  Casey’s father is a drunk, who pushes Casey around.  So when we get an issue about Casey Jones, the question comes up, where are they going to go with this and what more are we going to learn about Casey?

This issue starts off showing what Casey loves best.  He’s out with his hockey mask out on, beating up punks with Raphael by his side.  Casey’s thinking of school, his grades, and more as they goof off while taking down the scum.  After the fight, Casey returns a purse to a couple that just watched the fight go down.

This is a fun fight scene, showing the two in action and showing there’s more on Casey’s mind than school.  He does keep busy, though he does want to do better.  Not often do see we inside Casey’s mind, usually we’re following the Turtles with him.  Not the other way around.  Mike Costa and Ben Epstein are the writers are have to get into Casey’s mind and what better place for them to start than with an outings with Raph.

Casey returns home, seeing his dad sleeping on the couch and he covers him up. While doing so Casey is having a memory of stuff he use to do with his dad when he was a kid.  He heads up to bed, but someone knocks on the door.  Some thugs show up to rough up Casey’s dad, as he seems to owe them money for some gambling gone wrong.  With no money, he finds a hockey gold charm and hands that over as payment.  Though it’s not enough.  Casey over hears all of this.

This is a nice scene that shows that Casey does care for his dad, even though his dad has been a mean drunk to him.  It also shows the mess that his father gets into.  I like this bit of detail towards the characters.  They could've just had Casey come through and seen his dad sleeping, instead he covers him. He’s a good son and now he knows his father is in trouble.

We come into a flashback of Casey’s mother in the hospital.  Casey’s mom is clearly sick in bed as Casey comes in joking with his mom.  It’s clear he’s got a close relationship with her.  She asks Casey a question about his father, which is where you see him look away a little.  Back to present day Casey is getting his bat.  As Casey’s leaving, he sees his dad drunk watching a game that he bet on.  You can tell this is a build up to Casey’s mission.  He’s got a goal, as he’s remember his mother and he’s going to take on the guys who threatened his father.  I like the way this story is flowing, it’s got character to it, building up on Casey and his dad and what they’re going through.  I really do like the style that Mike Henderson is doing with the art for Casey and his father.

Casey calls for help as Raphael shows up not fully filled in on what’s going on.  Raph follows Casey, the smile on his face shows he’s amused by this outing.  They go to a bar where those thugs from earlier are standing around someone else watching a game.  Waiting for the end of the game.

It’s good to see that Casey is not going into this alone.  He called for back up, showing he can trust on the Turtles.  Most of the Micro comics do not bring in help for the main character in the story, they stand alone for it. Though in Raphael’s issue Casey was by his side, so it’s only right that Raph gets to appear in this issue with Casey.  And while Raph is there, he’s not filled in on what’s going on.  Showing even though Raph is Casey’s closes friend, he’s not willing to share everything.

We go back to a flashback of Casey in the hospital with his mother, where Casey’s mom tells about his father, saying how Casey is stronger than his dad.  Though when Casey insults his father, his mom stands up for the dad, which is when she asks Casey to take care of his father when she’s gone.

This is a tough scene to read, because it’s true.  When someone knows they’re going to be leaving soon, they have this talk with someone.  Not always, but a lot of the time.  It comes up about who needs to help take care of who.  And it’s a line no one wants to hear from a loved one.  In 2003, I had this line said to me by one of the closest people in my life.  I remember leaving the house in tears realizing she was saying goodbye in her own way.  The writing here is done very well, very touching and very real.

Out of the flashback we’re back at the bar with the gang next to the guy that was watching the game.  And the game did not go the way the guy wanted it to.  Meaning, something was about to go down as the gang lead him outside.

I’m leaving the rest of this comic for you to pick up at the comic shop to read!  It’s totally worth the read with great artwork and a strong story for Casey.  Find out if Casey clears his dad’s name and what happens when Casey next sees his father.  This is an issue any Casey fan would not want to miss!

Have you read this issue?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions in the comment area below!

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