Review: IDW TMNT Micro Series #7 April

IDW Publishing is keeping us Turtle fans on our toes as every week something new is coming to the shelves for us to go after.  This week is no exception to the rule.  Today, two TMNT books come to the stores, one in which a lot of fans have been waiting for, the next issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series, April O’Neil.  April gets her own story.  Will there be action?  How will this go without the Turtles there to liven up the moment?  Here are my thoughts on the April O’Neil issue of the TMNT Micro Series.

This issue starts off with a female turtle running from ninja’s screaming no.  Though you see at the bottom of the page that this is just a dream, a nightmare by April.  April starts to think of how her reality is strange.  On the next page we’re in the van as April is giving the Turtles a ride.  While there’s a conversation between the Turtles and April in the van, it goes on showing April’s thoughts.  It’s during this talk that Don brings up the turtle tracker that was in his Micro issue, which he’s worried will become a problem.  Once April drops the Turtles off where ever they were going, she goes to work with thoughts in mind on how to help them.

A nice introduction into April’s story and what’s on her mind, written by Barbara Randall Kesel.  I really like the artwork that Marley Zarcone is doing for this issue.  Everything is flowing together nicely, much like the work in the Donatello issue by Brian Lynch and Valerio Schiti.  So I’m enjoying these changes.  I do like where they’re going with this and I was wondering what April’s solo story could be about.  I was thinking it would be a lot like Casey’s where it’s more a personal story about April.  Though instead we’re following her doing a mission to try and help the Turtles.

We follow April as she comes up with a plan on how to destroy the turtle tracker.  She’s able to start her mission on doing so, but only gets so far before she needs to take a break.  She gets back and tells the Turtles what she’s doing.  They are of course worried about her making moves that could get her caught.

I found this area really neat as we don’t get see much of this with April.  In the past, April loses her job with Stockman before she meets the Turtles.  This is the first time where she’s still working there and can do a mission like this to help them.  Though I do find it odd that the tank for the Turtles is still at the lab a year after the break in happened.  It just happened like luck though that a co-worker that looks alot like her would leave a badge at lunchtime on the table, the day that April came up with the idea to do this.  That just seemed a little like - rush a story a long, type moment.   Though I did find the ‘Failure’ container interesting...

April returns to work late at night with tight black clothes which she puts a lab coat over.  Using the badge she swiped at lunch time earlier so she’s not seen as being there.  And just like that she gets to see a Rock Soldier!   The Rock Soldier realizes he doesn’t know her as she steals the remote she wants and chases her.  April gets away as a distraction happens and finds a lab with Mutagen.  She takes a vial as she realized something else has escaped.   Though just as she thought she was in the clear with this the Rock Soldier shows back up.  April makes a run for it, getting away.

I like that the Rock Soldier stayed on top of finding her.  Though I do find it too easy that she stumbles into the right rooms that she needs.  Rooms she would not normally know.  She gets more than enough for what Don would need to know about.  Again loving the artwork, and I do find the design of these labs interesting to look around at.

There is a HUGE HUGE spoiler I’m sharing now... so LOOK away fast if you want to save this one for the comic...










SLASH!  YES SLASH!   He got his binky, too!   Wanna see how Slash fits into this issue!  READ!  IT!

Ok, there... I did my excited outburst.  A thrilling surprise to see him in the comic.  I can not wait to see more of him.  Now I’m just curious as to where this fits in with the official comics... seeing as how we were left with Raph and Splinter at Casey’s house.  In a very intense scene in issue 13 of the on going TMNT series.

Do you read the comics?  Have you read this issue?   Please feel free to share comments, reviews and questions below!

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