Review: IDW TMNT Micro Series "Krang"

Life has been crazy busy lately.  With traveling, conventions, family stuff, and so much more.  I have been on the road more than home once again and finding time to write has not been easy. Back in April IDW released the Krang Micro Series issue and sadly I did not get to it the week it came out.  Really I did not even know it was out till I had a comment asking why I did not review it yet.  I did take the time to read it, but still had so much other stuff going on that it’s taken me this long to finally get the chance to write this review.  Sorry this is so late, here is IDW TMNT Evil Micro Series #1 Krang review.

We start off at Krang’s secret base as a Rock Soldier is delivered a message that one of the Utroms was killed as a female Ninja stole the ooze that it was in while in stasis. This Rock Soldier goes to deliver the message to Krang. This news anger Krangs, and he gets even more upset when he realizes the Rock soldier does not have fear in his eyes.  As he starts to think back to who he is.

This is a good intro as they’re working off of the ongoing series as we saw in IDW TMNT #20, Karai got away with the ooze and the death of the Utrom.  The writer for this issue is Joshua Williamson and art by Mike Henderson.  I do like the touches that Mike has made in this issue.  A good example is Krang’s body in the background as he’s relaxing.  Seeing the look in Krang’s eyes when told the bad news.  With this as a lead in to Krang’s backstory, we still get to see where it is in the ongoing books which helps with the story later on.

Krang goes on to share about his youth with us.  How he relied more on the servants. Krang’s father, Quanin comes into the room insulting Krang for not doing anything himself.  He tries to explain that he wants to show the workers their place and that he will be a great ruler and leader like his father.  His father does not agree with him being a great leader, before they can go on a soldier speaks up. As there is a meeting that Quanin is needed at.  Krang wishes to go, though Quanin shoots him down.

This is something cool for us fans, we didn’t really get to see Krang’s history with his family in the original cartoon.  We saw a glimpse that there were more of his kind.  But interactions or memories were something that was left out.  I like that his father is right on him about being lazy, and how he is not working to spoil his son.

Krang listens his to the meeting his father was having.  It’s about Quanin’s ancient enemy, Traxus.  Traxus was locked in a Prison, which he was able to take over and get followers behind him.  Quanin is sending in some of his best warriors to do a surprise attack on Traxus.  Krang decides to join in on this war, to prove himself to his father.  Though once they get there, the surprise is on them as the warrior of Utroms are killed by Traxus and his men.  Somehow Krang survives the attack.  He is the only survivor, with no one knowing where he is, in dangerous land with enemies nearby.

What a story to learn. It seems like this is Krang’s story of how he truly became the ruler we know and hate.  What he had to go through to prove his worth to his kind, to his father.  Everyone has their stories of a time that changed their life.  I think the only thing that could've made this better is if we knew how Krang felt about his father’s finest warriors. The General that was leading them had an eye patch, and the look of someone that could have some stories to be told as well.  It was a bit of a surprise to see a strong looking character like that, killed so fast.

On his own Krang had to make his living.  He had to fight to live.  He had to learn about himself to realize that he is stronger than he thought.  He wanted not only to live, he wanted to finish the mission.  Krang would kill his food, set traps and take on what he needed to.  Even secured himself a ride on a lizard creature that use to hunt him.

This is a lot of great scenes showing Krang doing what he can to live.  This is not something I’ve seen often out of any Utrom.  Usually we see them hiding behind their robots to move around.  In the  4Kids series they did walk a little on their own, but complained about it.  These pages flowed together nicely as we see him fight and kill.  I love the growth here and just how they are handling it for the series.

Krang went in for a direct attack upon Traxus and his two soldiers.  Traxus was amused that the Prince would come to fight him, he orders the others to stand down and decides to go into this fight alone.  What could one little Utrom do to him?

Like normal I will let the readers see what happens at the end of this issue by reading the comic itself.  I enjoyed this sort of background on lead characters.  As I feel it helps make the character, much like they did with Fishface in Nickelodeon’s TMNT episode “Baxter’s Gambit”.  They did a great job at giving us insight on Krang himself.  And the end of the comic just shows how ruthless he still is all these years later.

Joshua and Mike did a great job at bringing us this very cool issue.  And Bobby Curnow is doing a wonderful job keeping all these stories straight and connected.  IDW has a strong team that keeps bringing us very cool issues of Ninja Turtles to enjoy.  And as always I can’t wait for the next issue!

Have you read IDW TMNT Micro Series “Krang” issue?  If so what are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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I got the Raph and Leo, waiting till I get Don and Mike to work out a review. :)

I'm glad that you were able to read this comic after I having asked you about it. Being busy always makes it hard to get what we wont dune. I hope that Baxter's Issue will come out soon before any big projects gets in you way this time.