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In 2000, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to it’s first real stand still where there was nothing new for the fans, as the bad news hit everyone the Image Comics were ending at issue #23.  At this time, Image was the only source of new stories for the Turtles, written by Gary Carlson, with artwork by Frank Fosco.  The comic sales were not as high as they needed them to keep going, but the story was so twisted, so fun that the fans did not want it to end.

Gary had to wrap up as much as he could in a few issues and left us with a new character and no background story.  We often wondered if we’d learn more of this, though the story was not to be picked up again, when Mirage Studios picked up Volume 4 of TMNT in 2002. Peter Laird decided to act as if the Image story line never happened, picking up from Mirage Volume 2 and leaving all the fans with this story that never felt finished.

Some fans felt this story needed a better ending, one to fit it into the Mirage story so that it would match up where Peter Laird picked up.  One fan, Andrew Modeen really pushed this to happen.  Bringing together fans and professionals he was able to start making this happen.  With notes and feedback from Gary Carlson, Andrew wrote Image TMNT #24 and worked with everyone to get this published.

The story does pick up right after issue 23. Pimiko is with the Turtles now and Splinter is trying to get her to work with them as a team.  Donatello is off away from the others when his Cyborg part starts to act up and he runs for help to someone we learned was his life in Volume 4 of Mirage TMNT, and with the Foot we learn the background story of the new Lady Shredder.

The feel of this comic is great. I do not normally read fan made stuff because of how hard it is to keep up with the official stuff coming out.  Though a friend of mine let me borrow her copy (Thanks Cynlee), so I took the time to give it a read.  It did not feel at all like a fanfic, as the art work and letters all seem very professional.  It kept me wanting to go on and read each page afterwards, the background story of Lady Shredder was so well written and really had a great twist to where she came from.  Touching a story line, that I often say is not brought up enough.  The Shredder’s youth, Saki where he came from and what made him who he is today.  This book covers so much of that.

Donatello’s story line leads him to Baxter Stockman, where he’s trying to get help because of what is happening to him.  This touches how Baxter appeared in Don’s hidden lab in Volume 4 of TMNT and it shows that the two of them do talk.  Looks to be a fun story line.  The other Turtles are mainly working on their sparring though at the end Lady Shredder and the Foot find the hide out and go in for the attack.  This leaves us wondering where everything is going and just excited to see them back in action.  The Turtles we know and enjoy with a really well thought through plot.

They didn’t just leave the comic here, they gave us short stories, like “Tales of TMNT”.  Two of these written by Will Tupper, who did stories for Tales of TMNT Volume 2.  The art work in these stories are done by well known TMNT fans, “Practical Jokes” was drawn by Donna G. Omo and “Conflict Resolution” art was by Dennis Kennedy (one of the fans in Cowabunga Corner #43).  Both of which did a great job at bringing these stories to the pages of a comic.  I do have to say that “Ractical Jokes” did have one of my favorite things in that story, as Michaelangelo goes on about Charlie Chaplin.  It seemed very fitting and well written.

The last of the short stories was Written and drawn by Frank Fosco.  “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Spawn”  Lots of action and great art work.  It seems there was a fight before hand in the sewer as the Turtles are getting out of the sewer, they try to block it, though once Spawn breaks out he threatens the Turtles and that’s where we’re left off.

This comic was as good if not better than a lot of comics I’ve read in the store today.  One great touch in there is a letter from Gary Carlson where he talks about his run while working on the Turtle Comic all the way to the end of it.  A nice fitting way of saying what happened and thanks to everyone who did enjoy it.

This is not going to be easy to find, but if you do get the chance to read this comic I highly recommend it.  And everyone who worked on it, I have to say Fantastic job!  Wish it was released to the stores because this is top notch all the way!

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I would love to know where I can get issue #24 and #25 at. i just tried to look on Google, but I got nothing. I was published in #5 and just recently found out I was in #21 also lol. A letter of mine is in #5 and my artwork was is in #21.

Huh, I have to admit being pretty confused at seeing the link for this review, thinking it must have been a typo or some sort of mistake.
After reading the review I'm glad it wasn't either of the two.

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Yeah, this is a real comic... just sadly not official... it should be with all the awesome people who've worked on it. Andrew did a GREAT job at bringing this all together. :)

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