Review: Image TMNT #25

Last September, I reviewed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic made by the fans. This comic was to pick up where Image left off to finish up the story and connect it to Mirage Volume 4, one of the biggest gaps in Ninja Turtle’s history that needed to be fixed.

A little history here. Mirage Studios did the first two volumes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Though in the mid 1990’s, they handed the comics over to Image.  These comics took the Ninja Turtles in a whole new direction.   Donatello was turned into a Cybrog, Raphael got a blast in his face taking out his eye and he became the Shredder.  Leonardo lost his left hand and Michaelangelo became a writer and got a girlfriend.  All of the changes had the readers sitting on the edge of our seats to see what they were going to do to our favorite Turtles next. Though Image was cut short and had to wrap up the comic, leaving many of their story lines opened and unfinished.

When Mirage was coming out with a new comic in 2003, Peter Laird labeled it Volume 4.  This did not make sense because he pretended that the Image comics never happened, while he titled the Image TMNT comics Volume 3.  Why doesn’t Volume 3 connect to Volume 4?  A lost realm of the Turtles.  Which is now, thanks to a Turtle fan, Andrew Modeen, who dreamed of seeing the story complete, written.

Of course, if you haven’t read my other review for these comics, you’re asking why we should see this as an official wrap up for the Image comics and not some fan-fiction.  The answer is, Andrew worked with the writer of the Image Comics, Gary Carlson, and got his official notes on where he wanted to go with the comic book.  Other great creators from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle history has worked on this comic such as Kevin Eastman, Frank Fosco, AC Farley, Dan Berger, and Jim Lawson!  So how can this be ignored by anyone?  These comics are so worth getting your hands on!

If you have not read my review for #24, please do so here.

This issue picks up where #24 left off.  The Foot surrounding the Turtles at their current home, and Don with Baxter trying to fix himself.  This leads up to a huge battle, as the Turtles try to take an advantage by escaping to the sewers.  Though the Foot have a few tricks up their sleeves, bringing in clones from “Return to New York” Mirage Volume 1.  These Clones give the Turtles a fight that they were not excepting.  While Raph ends up having to fight his old trusted advisor from when he was the Shredder, Leo gets an unexcepted fight as the King Komodo shows up, and Mike is fighting freaky clones.

While all that is going on, Don is with Baxter getting things fixed up, getting it so that we can see where things were left off before Don and Baxter Stockman to lead into what we first saw in Volume 4.  What an interesting twist they gave here. I don’t want to give all the details away because it comes out best in the comic.

The issue itself is a huge battle, as we watch characters fall who were to never be seen again, seeing things go into place.  And people learn about other people.  Each of the loose ends from the Image series getting wrapped up to a nice ending.  It’s a thick comic full of action that helps move everything along.  A well written comic with great art work!

Once again, I am really impressed with Andrew Modeen and crew to bring us a TMNT Comic that is so well put together that it looks professional.  Getting so many great names to come in and work with them on this.  While they didn’t have as many short stories at the end of this one, they made up for that with a very long main story that wrapped up a book where we, as fans, have waited over 10 years to see the end.

All of the characters were true to character. There was never a time in the full book where I felt anyone was off.  I was thrilled to watch as the character growth happens from page to page, showing just how things fell into place.  The lines exchanged between everyone was really well done.  For me, one of my favorite parts is near the end that involved Lady Shredder and Pimiko talking, as Splinter joined in with some information.  I felt it was a warm and sad scene.  Very well drawn out.  And the brotherly scene between Raphael and Leonardo was a great laugh.

I only wish that these comics could be published as a graphic novel to really conclude the end of the Image TMNT.  A graphic novel that you could find at stores. The work that went into bringing these comics to those of us who have been lucky enough to read it, deserves to be official for all Ninja Turtle fans to enjoy!

Thanks Andrew Modeen for bringing an end to the Image Series!  Keep up the Great work!  And a big thank you to everyone who worked with Andrew on this.  It’s great to see some of these names back work on a Ninja Turtle project.

Have you read this comic?  If so please feel free to share your reviews!  Favorite Scenes!  And more in our comment section below. (all email addresses will remain private).

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This is the biggest piece of crap ever in TMNT history even worse than that female turtle. Why would it be finished if it tanked becuae it mutilated the fab four in green? Its a crap piece of fan fiction that appears to be written by someone who does not understand THE TRUE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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To each their own, but it's a little more than fan fiction since they worked with the original writer of the Image TMNT comic books to figure out where he was going with it. Using notes from him, and trying to work with other people included in the series.

Sorry you don't like it, but as they say... "You can never please everyone."

Would you be able to give me some idea to where to find these comics? I've looked high and low and I cant buy these anywhere! Thanks if you have some input!