Review: LEGO Leatherhead minifigure

For many years, LEGO has been a staple of many childhoods around the world. As adult collectors, we appreciate LEGO toys not only for their imaginative concepts, but for the amazing quality that is put into each piece. Today I am going to talk about the Leatherhead minifigure, released with the LEGO Turtle Sub Undersea Chase Building Set.

Simply put, this figure is amazing. It is slightly taller than average figures, but still small enough to be used with LEGO bricks and accessories. The paint is fantastic, with the pattern on Leatherhead's jaw and body accurately painted. They even painted his eyes with pupils! Another nice touch is that the plastic he was cast in is not smooth, but rough in texture. It's this attention to detail that sets lego above the rest in terms of quality and accuracy. His arm grommets even double as LEGO pegs!

Lego has been doing a fantastic job with their TMNT line. I am very interested to see what the future holds for it.



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