Review "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman" Nick TMNT #42

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and reviewed the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  This has not been due to the lack of watching the show, but more the lack of time.  I have kept up every week with Nickelodeon’s TMNT.   One thing I want to do now, is take the time to catch up on the past episodes with some short reviews working my way up to the recent stuff.   Here is my review  of “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman” an episode from Season 2.

In this episode Shredder is disappointed with Baxter’s work.  To show that he is not a man who makes idle threats, he sets off the Mutation collar on Baxter.  Shredder and Rahzar leave Baxter alone for his mutation.  As he mutates into a fly.  Baxter does not want to be a fly and escapes the foot in hopes of finding a way to fix himself. 

In the lair Donatello has made the first batch of retro mutagen.  Making two batches, one for Kirby O’Neil and the other for Splinter.  Splinter refuses it till Kirby is fixed.  The Turtles go with April to try and fix Kirby.  Once they find them, Baxter is not far and goes in for an attack.  During the fight the retro Mutagen canister falls and breaks, wasted.  Kirby flies away, and Baxter kidnaps April.  He threatens to mutate her and himself at the same time, so that he can be more human than he is now. 

The Turtles must now rescue her.  Prevent Baxter and the Foot from getting the retro mutagen.  And fix Kirby.  If you want to see how they succeed at this please watch the episode you can find it on the DVD “Showdown in Dimension X”.   The episode can also be found on amazon and itunes.

This episode was okay for me, but there was a few things that got me to shake my head.  One fun point is that Baxter is mutated into a fly, which is a nod back to the original cartoon series.  I know this made a lot of fans happy, as Baxter was a major character in the old series, and a lot of fans from that time remember him as the fly.   He’s not the same as Baxter from the old show, he’s got new twists to him. 

The part of the episode that troubled me was the fact that Donatello had two doses of Retro mutagen.  And one of the people he wants to fix, has never asked to be fixed.  Splinter.  When he has someone who needs to be fixed right there in his lab.  Poor Timothy has been frozen since near the beginning of Season 2, sitting there lifeless in Donatello’s lab as a statue.  If anyone needed that Retro mutagen it would be him, as he doesn’t deserve to be trapped as Mutagenman.  How can Don forget about his friend who is frozen trapped in his lab?   This really bothers me with this episode.  Don promised to fix him.

A key point that I really did like about this episode is that once again Rahzar shows he does not want to be a Mutant.  He finds out about the Retro Mutagen and wants it for himself.  I still would love a background episode on Chris Bradford like we got for Xever.  As we see the personality there, he’s strong and will do as told.  But he wants his life back.  He was famous, he had his own line of Dojos.  And now he’s hiding all the time.  I see so much room for character growth around him.

On a fun note I did enjoy the return of Turflytle.  And how he’s swore Baxter the Fly as his enemy.  Turflytle is the wacky superhero alter ego of Michelangelo.  Nowhere near as serious as Turtle Titan was in the 4Kids series.  Though still a blast to have in the show.  He gets teamed up with Raphael, which makes this scene even more enjoyable to watch as they are a great team.  If Raphael agrees to that or not.

While this is a fun episode of Turtles, that one part about who Donatello wants to cure most still troubles me.  For that it’s not one of my favorite episodes of the series.  I do like that they finish a mission and learn another important fact about April, showing this episode has meaning towards some of the major story arcs.  It’s just missing one of the stories that’s been buried. 

Have you seen “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman”?  What do you think of this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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