Review: Making of COOTST Tape

Coming Out Of Their Shells was a live tour that went around back in 1990.  This show was for those who enjoy seeing their favorite characters live, and for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans who went, it was a real treat.  I know I first saw it on TV and did not get a real feel for it, I mocked it, much like people do on YouTube.  Shredder’s wearing a dress, those Turtle costumes are bad, that’s not fighting.  But going to it live gave me a whole new respect for the show, it no longer mattered all the mistakes.  I felt the vibe and what it did for the crowd, which made me a fan of the live concerts.  So when I learned there was a making of the Coming Out of Their Shells Tour VHS, I had to buy it.

When picking up the tape, I was hoping for a lot more Turtles, how the costumes were made, who really sang the songs, set design, the writers, how the costumes worked, and so much more.  Though when I turned it on, my jaw dropped as I realized ‘they were pretending the Turtles are real’.  This ‘making of’ tape is aimed at little kids who believe in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  While that’s fine and all, I was hoping for some real information on the making of the show.  So here is my review of a video tape, which at first brought great joy and then disappointment, yet still provided some entertainment.

The footage of this tape was filmed before the live tour started.  They used the original costumes that were intended for The Coming Out of their Shells Tour for the Turtles in this video.  They go in showing the beginning of the Coming out of their Shells tour crowd from the live performance at Radio City Music Hall.  Then they go to Mike and Raph talking backstage, using their older costumes.  They’re talking about how they got into music.  At first it looks like it’s going to have the Turtles be the host of this, though they only talk at the camera during two sections of this video, as most of it is people in suits that kids could care less about.

This is where the video confuses itself with being a kid’s making video or a serious behind the scenes video.  Most of it gets boring with the men in suits talking and want to hear the Turtles talk at them.  While adults may want to see more of the men in suits, we also wish to see the making of the costumes.  We don’t want to hear men in suits talk about how the Turtles came to them about this and that.  It clashes in the type of entertainment they want this video to be, making it so the best parts of this video are when the Turtles are on the screen.

It was nice getting to see those other costumes in use, they even showed footage of them on stage with their shells and and some footage of them playing on top of the sign of the Radio City Music Hall.  There is also a press talk, where the Turtles come out for a minute in front of kids.  A lot of this stuff that they showed would be better if we could see the full videos of them.  The press release, the full footage of the Turtles on the sign, a full release of the Turtles doing the concert in those costumes and it would be so cool to see a real making of.

This video is good for people who are light hearted about the Turtles, can be open minded that this is for children, or people just want a lot of laughs.  The Turtles are leaning back, showing their shells are too heavy for them, Leo’s face looks very weird from the side view in the mirror, and it’s all made to get kids to believe the Ninja Turtles are real and were really working on the behind the scenes of their Live Tour.  This is not meant for people who like the Mirage Comics only, if you’re looking for TMNT for the fighting, blood, and swearing or looking to see real behind the scenes footage.  Do not watch this video.

I usually only watch the “Making of the Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour” to show other Turtle fans.  I do not turn this video on for my own entertainment.  I may turn it on if someone has a question about the tour that I think might be answered in that video.  To this day, I am disappointed that it was not a real “making of” video.  If people are interested in some real behind the scenes information, check out this interview from Cowabunga Corner with one of the Tour Turtles who even shares photos!

Have you seen the Making of The Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour?  What is your thoughts on this video?  Please share comments and questions in the comment section below.  All email addresses are kept private.

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i loved the making of the coming out of thier shells tour it was AWESOME when i was a kid and still now it was and still is a large part of my life