Review: Midwest Media Expo

Conventions are one of my favorite things to do.  It takes you out of the stress for a weekend and places you somewhere that you can meet and hang out with people that enjoy the same stuff as you do.  Be this in your backyard or across the globe, conventions are like a second home to those who go.  Conventions usually start really small and have to work their way up, though in Michigan we got a new one called “Midwest Media Expo” which road the success of Youmacon to make it the largest first year event in Michigan.  I was at a guest at this convention and will love to share my review of a great weekend in Detroit.


Miki and I got to the hotel late Thursday night and began our set up of the Cowabunga Corner booth early Friday morning.  This is a small booth compared to D-Lux Entertainment Expo though it was a bigger crowd and we still had some good stuff out for people to see.  I had to leave Miki to finish setting up the table, as I went to the opening panel.  Check out the video…



After opening I made it down to the booth and hung out there.  Miki and I talked to many people who came by the table.  Kookie was working up in Artist Alley at her own table, so we would get away to see her as well.  Little did I know was that this would be the day that I would see the booth the most, as I felt like I kept running away from it for one thing or another.  


When it was time to decide our evening activities we already knew that Steam Powered Giraffe was at the top of our list.  My mother came in for the show, so we got some decent seats and was joined by Kookie as we got to sit back and enjoy the concert.  The opening act was Random Gibberish which is a fun group that does a lot of songs poking back at old tv shows and cartoons.  Really enjoyable to watch.   Here’s a Power Ranger bit they did at Youmacon 2013 to show some of their music:



Next came on the Steam Powered Giraffe, this is one of my favorite groups for about two years now.  There was a big change with the show this time, one of the male characters is now  female.  This does not bother me at all, as everyone has their own choice in life.  The one thing that I was hoping for with it though was a new song about the transformation.  These are automatons, so a story of Rabbit changing could be done interesting.  Much like they have a song about their newest member joining the team.  This is a very creative team, and I do hope that they do something for the backstory of the character in show.  After the show we called it a night.


Saturday morning we went down and got breakfast from food court before heading up and getting the table ready for opening.  It felt like as soon as the booth was open I had things I needed to be doing.  Including getting ready for the TMNT panel that day.  I let my mom and Miki run the booth, as I took care of errands.  I got to the TMNT panel early to set up my computer to the big screen.


After the panel I got a small bit of lunch, said hi at the booth and ran down for my autograph session.  I’ve never done an autograph session before, though I have signed autographs before.  I was surprised that people did show up with their programs to get signed and talked Cowabunga Corner with me.  It was cool to meet some of the people who do keep up with the website.  The full two hours there was always people around talking.  I also had some autograph crashers set up next to me, with their own stuff goofing off.  Helped the time fly and a lot of laughs.


Once the autograph session was over it was time to help close down the booth for the day and go for another concert.  This time we got to watch Voltaire.  In all honesty I didn’t know who he was before this event.  Kookie on the other hand is a huge fan of his and was going on about the music.  I really enjoyed this show.  In the last song he let people go on stage with him to sing and Kookie got to go up there.  I was really happy for her as she was having a total blast.


After the concert I ran over to Black Nerd Comedy panel.  This panel was a lot of fun.  Andre did a 20 minute theme song sing along with us, where I knew most of the songs.  If I didn’t know a song, it was only because I had not much interest in the show when it was on.  We had a blast.


After Black Nerd Comedy panel I went to Voltaire’s 1am panel.  He was not thrilled to have a panel at night.  This is an adult panel, as there is swearing and well very adult topics brought up through the panel.  Though I wanted to share the video with everyone here.



This was our last stop for the night.  And Sunday morning was nothing but running.  I had a 10am autograph session, which meant get the booth set up and run up to the autograph tables.  No time for breakfast.  I did call one of the Youmacon guest staff, Jomar, and he was kind enough to help me get breakfast while I was at the table.  Sunday at 10am is dead time for a convention as everyone had late night stuff going on for Saturday.  The halls were mostly empty and barely anyone came by any of the autograph tables.  Each of us had friends at our tables kind of just hanging out.  Voltaire was at the table across the hall from mine.


After the autograph session I checked in at the booth and had to start getting ready for my last panel.  Pop Culture.  I always hosted the panels I’ve been in, and this was a panel I had no clue where to go with.  I was nervous, Andre and Tom Wayland were in the panel with me.  Though I had no clue where to go with it, and they did not seem to worried.  I like having stuff ready, to keep the show going the entire time for the people that show up.  This was not a time I was ready, so when the panel came I went with my Kermit puppet on hand and a group of behind the scenes movie photos from TMNT 1.  Did not need the photos, or really Kermit as the Pop Culture Panel carried it’s own, becoming a totally awesome event thanks to the Shae and the other amazing people on the panel.


I went back to my booth one last time and told my mom and Miki sorry that I could not be there for take down.  They had the dealer room closing during Closing panel which was I knew I had to be at.  I went to closing and set up the cameras.  This was a fun panel as everyone got to go up on stage and say their good bye to Midwest Media Expo 2014.  Here is the video from closing.



The weekend was a total blast.  And for a first year convention they brought in over 2200 people!  We had full concerts, panels, gaming rooms, dealer room and so much more.  It did not feel like a first year convention at all.  I know that Midwest Media Expo will grow in the coming years and hope that I am invited back each year to enjoy the event with all of the amazing people there.  I highly encourage people to check out the convention.  Remember that everything at Midwest Media Expo is included in your price from concerts to autographs.  It’s a wonderful event that brings different fandoms together.

Did you go to Midwest Media Expo?  What events did you attend?  Do you encourage others to come?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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