Review: Mikey's Monster

Today I will be sharing with you my review of Step Into Reading: Mikey's Monster. This is a children's book adapted from episode 12 of the Nickelodeon series, "It Came From the Depths".

The book starts out as the episode does. Leatherhead is running around TCRI escaping with the Kraang's power cell. There are differences in this book from the episode. One of them being that dialogue was added to this scene.

Six months pass and we see Michelangelo in the sewers showing his brothers his newest food creation, the Piz-shake. Suddenly, the turtles see a news flash talking about a monster that has been sighted in the sewers. Joan Grody is drawn much differently in this scene then she appears in the episode. The turtles get to the sewers and find Leatherhead fighting the Kraang. Leatherhead gets shot in the chest during this scene, but does not get the scar he would have gotten in the beginning of the episode. Michelangelo refuses to let Leatherhead get hurt, so he tries to help him. Leonardo stops him and tells him that they don't know anything about him, and that he could be more dangerous than the Kraang. Refusing to standby and watch him get hurt, Michelangelo springs into action to save him.

The Turtles bring Leatherhead home and he remains unconscious from the Kraang attack. Michelangelo argues with his brothers about chaining him up as Splinter walks in asking about the commotion. Splinter commends Mikey's actions as Splinter states they need to learn what he knows about the Kraang.

As Leo, Donnie, and Raph go looking for the power cell, Michelangelo feeds him some of his pizza noodle soup. Leatherhead remarks that it is the best thing he has ever tasted. Michelangelo sets him free, and the two quickly become friends.

The turtles return with the power cell and ask Leatherhead what he knows about it. Leatherhead loses control and shouts "thief!" as he tries to get it back. Splinter walks in and stops Leatherhead from hurting the Turtles as he grabs the power cell and leaves. Michelangelo runs after Leatherhead and finds him in his home. Michelangelo tells him that "friends don't hurt friends". Leatherhead apologizes for his actions, and explains that there are forces inside of him that he cannot control. The others arrive and Leatherhead tells them his story. "They took me to their dimension, mutated me, and tried to turn me into a living weapon." Leatherhead says. He explains that he took the power cell so that the Kraang could not take over this world.

Suddenly, the Kraang arrive and attack Leatherhead's home. In this version, Leatherhead hands the power cell to Donatello to power the subway car, stating "You have trusted me, now I am trusting you.". I preferred this line in the episode, because it meant more when Michelangelo received the cell after he says that he trusted Leatherhead beforehand. The car then powered up and escaped the sewers. The turtles are worried, and they hope Leatherhead is okay. They know that the Kraang will stop at nothing to get the power cell, and that the battle will continue another day.

This is a good adaption of the episode for young readers. Some changes were made, but that much is to be expected. Fight scenes were shortened or removed, dialogue was moved to different scenes, and Leatherhead's injury did not result in his signature scar. The artwork in the book is excellent, and does a great job delivering the story to the reader. I highly recommend this book if you have young kids who like the turtles, and I recommend it to Leatherhead fans of all ages for an interesting alternative version of his debut episode with fantastic artwork.

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