Review: MLP FiM #9

Since the My Little Pony comic has started to come out by IDW they have been keeping their focus on lead characters from Twilight Sparkle to Rarity.  Most Brony’s I know love a lot of the other ponies as well, so it was a great surprise to find that My Little Pony issue 9 is based around Big Mac.  This is a relative of Applejacks that has a bit part in the cartoon series.  I’ve always liked him myself, he’s a strong pony of few words.    In this issue we follow big Mac around on his own adventure.  Here in my review of IDW My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic #9.

The comic starts off with Big Mac needing to do some fixing up around the farm.  Though when he finds that his nails are all gone he has to go to town to get some nails.  In town there is a festival which tends to distract him from his goal at hand.  Which is the simple plot of this comic.

For an easy plot line, with no bad guys but a lot of our lead characters appearing through the comic.  It’s clear there’s other storylines going on in the background.  Making this a fun comic that is mainly about day to day life.  I really think this was a fun issue and it’s made into a two parter.

My favorite part of the comic was spotting kid ponies dressed up as Ninja Turtles.  That’s right!  :Ninja Ponies.  We had Michelangelo and Donatello ponies in this issue.  A fun spotting for TMNT fans who read the comics.  Thanks Andy Price for adding this very cool toss in with the artwork. 

Have you read My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic #9?  If so what are your thoughts on this issue?  Did you notice the little Mikey and Don ponies?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below. 

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I also love this comic. One thing I thought was funny is how may of the back grow girl characters seem to have a crush on Big Mac. I wonder if this will be rephrased in the show it self.