Review: MLP Twilight Sparkle Micro Series

MLP_micro01-coverRE-DFOne of the best things in fandom is sharing your loves and joys with your friends.  Through that you can do so much in life.  For me, it’s been sharing the different medias with those around me and seeing what they have to share back.  Which is what lead me to do reviews of the My Little Pony comics.  Friends who were willing to sit back and talk Turtles with me, shared their love of MLP.  Just another way friendships are great.  And is one of the reasons I took the time to read the newest IDW MLP book “Twilight Sparkle Micro Series”.  A comic about some pony who has not had friends in a long time for a reason some people will understand while others may not.  Here is my review of this well written comic book.

This comic starts off with Twilight Sparkle scared because she’s got her second magic test coming up.  On her first one she scored so high she made a name for herself and she fears if she does not do as well this time it will look bad on her.  As she shows up for her test she finds out she has a job to do instead.  A pony who works on the Archives has fell and hurt herself.  It’s Twilight Sparkle’s job to go there and help her sort out the mess.  Once she gets there and meets Summer Mane, she finds the challenge is not just getting in to do the job, but to not be insulted and earn respect from Ms. Mane.

Through this comic we watch as Ms. Mane starts to lighten up and even become friends with Twilight Sparkle.  They both share an interest in books.  While there’s a lot of work to be done, Twilight is still able to talk with her during dinners and even gets some chances to read new books.  Ms. Mane starts to find herself liking Twilight until the biggest rule that she gave Twilight is broken!  Can Twilight fix the new mess she got herself into?  Why is Ms. Mane so mean to new ponies?  Find out all this and more by picking up this awesome comic!

I was not sure if I was going to do a review of this comic.  Truthfully I’ve got so many Ninja Turtle reviews to do from Toy Fair still, that I felt I could not take the time to write another review right now.  Though I sat down and read this comic, and realized this is one I do want to promote and I wanted to share my thoughts on.  As the book itself pulled me into it, and the lessons it taught was not your normal problems with friendships.  But a very real one.  One I know.  One I know others who know.  It’s just not something you normally see being the problem in a tv show or book.

Have you ever did something so great that people look upon you in a different light than those around you?  You’re still human.  You’re just like everyone else, you just are gifted with something.  Be it something big or small?  The moment people start to treat you different, be it good or bad though, it gets scary.  A new pressure is added to live up to the moment, and while some people can handle this, for others it’s a breaking point.  They just wish to be normal.  For Twilight, it’s her test coming up.  She’s scared, but she’s going to face it.  Though Ms. Mane is what could happen for those who do not face the new challenges after having such a big success.

For me, it’s been this Turtle Fandom I’m in.  I am a normal fan.  I collect, read, and watch Turtles. I call, chat and hang out with fellow TMNT fans.  Though I also have my family, friends, pets and bills which I place above my fandom.  Though because of media picking me up, people seeing how big my collection has gotten, and just how many cool TMNT events and historic moments for them, that I have been there for, I have fans who are jealous and angry while others treat me like a celebrity.  This originally scared me away in the early 2000’s.  I stopped talking on message boards, posting to most TMNT websites.  I had a very small group of people I stayed talking too.  I do not see myself as anything more than a normal fan.

After staying hidden away for a few years I realized I was lost and depressed about it.  I wanted to make friends with the other TMNT fans out there who did not know me.  I’m a people person.  I want to share what I’ve done, so others could learn how to do it for themselves as well.  If that is what they want to do.  I want to be able to tell people my thoughts on the new TMNT stuff.  I see other fans sharing their collections all the time without being attacked... by words like selfish and greedy.  Why could they come out and share their stuff while I had to hide away with mine?  So I came out of hiding and I’m happy to be out here.

Yes... I still get the stuff that originally scared me into hiding.  Though now I have new responses for how to handle it.  For people who fan me, now at least I have a blog that people can enjoy and see the stuff I have to share.  I can understand this feeling, because when I was younger I did read up on other huge fans with big collections for music groups and stuff.  I too was a fan of fans, and I still am.  For the people who hate me, that’s their problem not mine.  If they want to judge me by my collection, call me selfish, and talk about me behind my back.  Well, it’s their time they’re wasting not mine.  I am not spending time worrying about them anymore.  I got to much other great new friends and adventures to share.  It was a big lesson in friendship that I went through.  And reading this comic had me stop and think about it.

I do know others who’ve gone through this sort of thing in their life.  Some take it with a grain of salt and live life to the fullest.  Others stress out about it.  And I even know a few people who grew egos over their success.  Everyone handles it differently.  The fact is it’s in each of us.  Everyone has a gift, a talent, an obsession, or some other great thing about them.  It’s finding that one thing and making it shine.  No one is more special than the person next to them.  We’re all equal.  And that is how I’ll always feel about life.  Just never think that anyone one person is equal in the same gifts, or that you’re the best at what you do.  As I say, ‘there is always someone better than you’, so you can keep working to achieve greatness.

I loved this comic.  I even took time to tell the story of it to a friend of mine who does not like “My Little Pony” too much.  The story, letters and art was all done by Thomas Zahler.  I want to Thank Thomas for doing such a great job at telling a story that touched just what could happen to those who shine and don’t know what to do about it.  This was well written.  The artwork was great.  The character was dead on perfect.  And the story was touching and worth reading.  I have to admit that I’m not normally a big fan of Twilight Sparkle, though this comic is my favorite of the IDW MLP Comics that has come out to date.  Thanks!

I highly recommend this comic to everyone.  It’s not just about the characters, it’s about the heart behind it.  You do not need to know Twilight Sparkle, her friends or any of the back stories to enjoy this stand alone issue.  You can come into this book with no history of My Little Pony and still enjoy it.

Have you read “My Little Pony” Twilight Sparkle Micro Series?  If so what is your thoughts on this?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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