Review: MLP:FiM #5


IDW is doing such a great job with the on going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storyline, having Tom Waltz write all the issues with Kevin Eastman.  One could picture that they will do the same for the other comic book series that they have.  So I have decided to jump on board a few months ago with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on going series.  As I reviewed issues 1 to 4 I knew there would be a new writer on issue 5.  Not sure how this will work, as even the cartoon series has an underline stories through the 26 episodes, even if the episodes work great as a stand alone.  With issue five now in front of me, it is time to see if I feel a good flow between the change of writers or if this is going to change the vibe of the series.  Here is my review of MLP: Friendship is Magic #5.

The new writer of the My Little Pony Comics is Heather Nuhfer, with Amy Mebberson doing the artwork.  Heather seems to be taking a path much like our last writer did, in grabbing up a past villain from the My Little Pony tv series and twisting that character into the story.  Connecting the comic straight into the show, though since that was done in the last four issues it may have been nice to have something fresh between another pick up storyline.  Not going to say the story will be bad, as it seems to be the start of an interesting plot.

The ponies are all having nightmares.  To try and help chase the nightmares away they have a slumber party with Pinkie Pie cheering everyone on.  Though after going to bed the nightmares return and a dark cloud from the moon kidnaps Rarity.  Now it is up to the other Ponies to find and save her.  As we learn these are the dark powers that Luna had as Nightmare Moon, the ponies join forces with Luna on their mission.

I have not seen too much of Luna in the My Little Pony cartoon since her defeat, she’s appeared a few times.  I really enjoyed the Halloween one where everyone was scared of her.  So while it’s a bit fast to throw in one of the top archs from the series, it’s also cool to see a character that is not used often for the show.  I like how she’s written and drawn.  For the most part the change of the artist has not changed the feel of the book, what has changed though is some of the writing styles.

For me the hardest thing with the book to really enjoy was Rainbow Dash.  While Rainbow Dash can be rash and want to run into danger.  He’s not dumb and will listen when they need information.  It’s Pinkie Pie that jumps all over the place and throws in lines when things are serious.  Though in this issue of MLP, I felt that Rainbow Dash had a bit of Pinkie Pie’s personality to where she got annoying.  Other than Rainbow Dash I found the writing to be good, and on spot with the other characters.  I find the plot to be a good way to bring Luna back into the story, though need to see more of the story to see how I feel with the overall storyline.

Have you read IDW’s My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic #5? If so what are your thoughts with this new story?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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I love Both the show & comic. i find it interesting that Luna is in her old character design from season 1. I remember seeing a YouTub review talk about the dark smoke & how it relates to both Princess Luna & King Sombra around thousand years ago. What are you thoughts on the matter?

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No clue who King Sombra is... so don't have much thoughts on it... sorry

Thats OK, he's a season 3 villain.

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Have not finished watching Season 2 yet. Might look into after things calm down with write ups, but keep a bit busy so the TV is usually turned off.