Review: MLP:FiM Micro Series 2 "Rainbow Dash"


One of the great things about friendship is team work.  If you see a friend going through something and having a rough time, it is most likely you’ll offer a hand.  This is a lesson in life that people are encouraged to learn at a young age.  Friends are special and should be treated that way, as you never know how long they’ll be in your life.  Enjoy your time and be there for each other.  This is one of the reasons that My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic is a hit show.  These friends are there for each other.  In the tv series episode “Applebuck Season” Applejack has to do a job, and wants to do it alone.  But her friends see that she needs help, and keeps coming to her till she agrees to have them helping her.  That is why the newest IDW Comic “Rainbow Dash” Micro Series 2 is not a favorite of mine and feels really out of place for the My Little Pony series.


This issue of My Little Pony was written by Ryan K. Lindsay with art from Tony Fleece.  Tony did a wonderful job on the artwork through the comic.  There was no time where the art distracted me from the story.  It was the story that was distracting and troubling to me.  In this issue of My Little Pony they try to teach that attacking a problem out of anger and head on is not always the answer, negative feelings could make the problem worse.  Though in doing this, they put Rainbow Dash in front of her full hometown fighting a problem all by herself, which everyone is relying on.  To the point that even the reporters are being mean and ripping at her for her failures.

There is no excuse for it.  The Thunderbolts, a group of flying Pony’s that Rainbow Dash admired and wanting to join, were in town when the problem got there.  There are other pony’s with wings.  There are friends.  Fighters.  And more.  Though when Rainbow Dash is going up there getting hurt to where she can not fly, no one is helping her.  The other Pony’s just stand around in gloom.  Her spark of not wanting to be defeated should have inspired others to stand up for themselves too, but it did not.  In this comic, it’s all left on her shoulders and that really annoyed me.  Maybe if it was a mess that she caused that did not threaten the full town.  But she did not cause this mess.  It came and she was the only one fighting it.

This lack of friendship, made the book empty to me.  To where halfway through I was ready to set this comic book down.  I went all the way through so I can say I read it.  But it was a depressing comic to me.  There is many different ways to show this lesson, where it could work.  But this just did not feel like one of those ways.  She does talk with Applejack a bit in this comic, but Applejack is a non flying pony so would not be much help to Rainbow Dash.

This comic left me flat, the best part was the end of the comic.  Which I don’t like putting into my reviews.  So if you want to see that pick up this issue at your local comic book store.  I can truly say that out of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” comics, my favorite one that IDW has released so far is the “Twilight Sparkle” issue.  Normally Twilight is not my favorite of the lead characters, so it is sort of funny that her issue is my favorite one so far.  It taught it’s lesson well, really connected with me and was a joy to read.  I do hope to find more like that in this series.

Have you read this issue of the My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Micro Series?  What are your thoughts?  Do you think Rainbow Dash should of been a lone or had help in this battle?  Please share reviews, questions and comments below.

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