Review: Nick TMNT #27 "The Mutation Situation"

What a season, so much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merch released this year that there was no way to have a review from every item that came out.  I hope that everyone enjoyed all of the reviews that we did share, with great toys.  With the Holiday Season done we are going to try and focus the site back on the Nickelodeon Cartoon and the IDW Comics, as well as keeping the toy reviews coming.  In February 2014 Toy Fair is coming up, which means that toys are still a high focus point for us here at Cowabunga Corner.  

For the last review of the year I’m going to review Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2 episode 1, this is the 27th episode of the series.  "The Mutation Situation" is written by Brandon Auman, the lead story editor of the season.  This episode picks up where Season 1 left off.  The Kraang are defeated by the Turtles, Shredder put to shame by Splinter and April now back with her father.  It has been a few weeks and the Turtles are still on a high from their win.  Even Raphael is putting up with Michelangelo’s goofy stuff.  How long can the party last?

As the Turtles are having their party of danger being out of the picture, Donatello recommends they swing by April’s place.  Once there they find out April’s dad is being overprotective of her because of his alien dreams.  His fear of the Kraang.  Michelangelo ensures him that the Shredder and Kraang are gone. 

Not too surprised by the Turtles excitement as we saw this kind of personality from them in Season 1, like when they were thinking they were good enough to face any villain for The Gauntlet episode.  Shredder cut them down to size.  Which means when we see this coming from the Turtles, they’re about to get their shells kicked. 

While the Turtles party we get to see that the Foot are still in action.  As Shredder takes a call from the Kraang about a delivery being made to him.  The Kraang are sure they can take care of any complications that come their way. 

What is interesting is that they jump right into showing that the Shredder is up to something.  Though they don’t give any real reason for Shredder to have not taken action since his fight with Splinter.  Seems like he’s trying to stay low while build up his next attack upon Splinter and his students.  Should be interesting to see what this turns into.

Down in the lair Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo are playing dodge ball with the Kraang communication orb that was found in Season 1 by April.  When Donatello realizes what’s going on, he goes after them for using the orb.  Splinter comes in and get after the Turtles a well.  Splinter tell them the party is over.  Just after Splinter leaves the room the orb goes off as the Turtles realize that the party really is over.

I liked seeing that even though the party was still going on, Donatello was working with Timothy instead of playing.  Making sure that his friend is going to be okay.  It is bad at the Turtles are using Kraang tech as a toy, would think that Leonardo would of at least seen this as a bad idea.

Donatello gets everyone in his lab as they work to find out what has the orb awake.  To their surprise it’s a Kraang shipment.  Realizing this ship was going to be invisible the Turtles question how to track it.  Donatello has an answer and wants April and her Father to help.  April is not sure of this, though Don convinces her that this is a good idea. 

What I like here is that the Turtles need to be able to track the ship, not just knowing right away where it is.  I also think it’s good that April is showing real concern for her father, knowing how hard he’s taking everything.  Don shouldn’t have pushed here, if Kirby wasn’t free they would of just shown April what to do with the tracker.  Instead he’s putting it onto someone who’s not ready to be out. 

Donatello leads the Turtles to a rocket he’s built.  April gets her father on a rooftop lying to him about what is going on.  The Kraang ship passes overhead, the tracker goes off.  Donatello some how knows this and sets the rocket off heading up towards the ship.  The Turtles get shot into the sky, rocket falls backwards as the Turtles eject and use their jet packs to fly at the ship crashing into it. 

This scene was pointless besides getting characters where they wanted them.  The Turtles could of gone on a roof themselves to track the ship down and fly after the ship with their jetpacks.  Instead they get a rocket, that well just seems to fall back down upon the city.  All this did was get April and her dad on the roof to watch the fight. 

The Turtles break into the ship to find three Kraang working.  They’re real smug about this, until they see the Kraang’s new weapon.  A Gorilla body armed with weapons that come out of the body with a Kraang controlling it.  The fight begins.  During the battle the Turtles learn that the shipment is mutagen.  Michelangelo causes the door on the bottom of the ship to be opened, as Leonardo and Raphael get thrown near the mutagen, causing it to be release and roll out the open door as Donatello tries to stop it. 

This is it, the scene that sets us up for the main plot of Season 2 of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  If the mutagen did not fall out of the ship, here we would not have a mutation situation as much as what we’re getting.  The fight scene is fun as we see the Turtles trying to take down the oversized gorilla that is giving them problems.  This scene worked well with getting the mutagen out upon the city.  Best part of the beginning of the fight.  Nipple saws from the gorilla.

April is standing on the roof with her dad watching the mutagen fall from the sky.  A canister starts to come right at her and she stands there watching it.  Kirby gets in the way and is hit by the mutagen canister as it breaks open upon him.  Kirby falls from the roof where there’s been some bats hanging.  This causes him to mutate into a mutant bat.  April tries to get away and hits him, he lands and looks sadly at her. 

This is the full reason April and her dad had to stand on the roof.  Placing him up there, was clearly done as a plot point.  April just got her father back and now this, guess it’s away of keeping him on the side lines for a bit longer.  Though is this what we’re going to face every season?  April’s dad is in danger… oh no the Turtles have to spend a season trying to save him.  Guess we’ll have to see how this works out.

Back on the ships Raphael gets after Donatello and Michelangelo for losing the mutagen, Don fastly points out that Raph didn’t grab one canister.  The fight is not over.  The Gorilla is still fighting.  Once returning to that fight, it introduces it’s next secret weapon.  Butt canons.   Donatello takes control of the ship and decides to fly it straight up.  The other three Turtles take down the Gorilla Kraang as Leonardo calls the order for them to leave.

Not sure if the way Donatello took control of the ship would really work on any type of ship.  It’s to progress the story in the amount of time that they had.  I liked the Gorilla though.  The best part was being at Comic Con in NYC and hearing the crowds reactions to both the nipple saws and the butt canons.  Really a fun touch. 

The Turtles land and see the bat mutant over April.  Believing it’s a threat, they go to attack.  April screams for them to not hurt him.  As they come to a stop confused, the bat takes this moment to kidnap April.

Now the Turtles have a city covered with mutagen canisters, a mutant bat that has April, and the knowledge that the Kraang are back.  I am leaving it off here for you the viewers to go see how this episode ends.  I will say I LOVE some of the twists they put into this show.  Like how it is the Turtles fault that the mutagen spilled out over the city.  This adds to the story as is seen in the rest of this episode.

Over all I think that the crew at Nickelodeon did a great job at pulling us straight into the new season.  A new adventure.  And some twists and turns that we get to watch unfold through the season.

What are your thoughts on “The Mutation Situation”?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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