Review: Nick TMNT #30 "Mutagen Man Unleashed"

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series enjoys bringing characters from our past back to get the fans excited within their new cartoon series.  One of the characters we were teased with in Season one is Mutagen Man.  Used once in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, this character is known by fans more for the action figure which was on the market.  There are those of us who remember the young man who went to deliver a package and fell into Shredder’s Mutagen.  Now we get a whole new look at him in action in episode 30 of Nickelodeon’s TMNT  “Mutagen Man Unleashed”.

In "Mutagen Man Unleashed" Michelangelo finds some old VHS tapes of an anime.  He introduces the show to his brothers, where Donatello witnesses the smart guy flirt and lose out to the female in the show. Michelangelo jokes about Donatello and April, which gets Don to walk out and work on finding a cure to the mutagen. Talking to Timothy while working.  Splinter calls him away, and Timothy gets into the Mutagen eating it.  A crash is heard and Timothy is gone.  The Turtles must go out and find him, before something bad happens.  Little do they know the anger that Timothy holds towards the Turtles.

The second story within this episode is with April.  She is asked by a boy at school to help him with his work.  She has agreed, and is making friends with Casey Jones.  Donatello notices April and Casey in the park and is jealous of this human boy, being with April while she won’t even talk with them.  His rants in front of Timothy was about April, so when Timothy leaves the lair he goes after April attacking her while she’s with Casey Jones.  The Turtles have to defeat Timothy, without being seen by Casey.

This is a fun episode as it is our first real introduction to Casey Jones.  Casey is a teenage boy, who enjoys Hockey and adventure.  He wants to be a bounty hunter.  The last thing he wants is a normal life.  It is a fresh look at Casey Jones, and a totally new design.  We’ve seen Casey in most series of TMNT, even the Next Mutation had plans to place him as a character in Season 2.  He’s a fan favorite character, with his major roles in the Mirage Comics, Live action movies and the 4Kids TMNT series.  Even IDW has brought us Casey as a whole new character.

While Timothy goes through a major change, he now blames the Turtles for a mutation that he caused upon himself.  The Turtles were the ones trying to stop him.  He wants to befriend April, because she too is angry with the Turtles.  He seems to have gotten control, like most mutants in this series of all of his new skills and is a threat to the Turtles.  It does not take Michelangelo long to nickname him Mutagen man.  April wants nothing to do with them or Mutagen man, she’s still angry about her father. 

Personally I love the fact that Michelangelo has picked up an anime for them to watch.  For a long time, that was the main thing I would have on TV from Ranma ½, Dragon Ball Z, to Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist.  Anime is a fun source of entertainment which usually gets deep with their plots and character growth.  This is one of my favorite things in the episode.

I also really like that April does not go running right back to the Turtles her first time seeing them.  She’s able to stand back and remember why she’s angry.  While I do feel she should be working with them, it is as Splinter says “Anger Clouds the Mind”, instead of seeing how much they can help she just remembers they’re the reason for her biggest problem at this moment.  She also stands up for herself and is able to bring the fight into her own hands, which fully impressed Casey.

Most of all I feel sorry for Donatello in this episode.  While I know that April is friends with the entire group, it is Donatello taking this the hardest.  He loved her from the moment he saw her, he’s worked hardest to build up a bound with April.  He tries and works so hard to fix things, while his family is still living during their down time.  At the same time, Donatello is the one that made friends with Timothy, he sees this boy as his friend and problem.  Putting all the weight on his shoulders.  He’s crushed, and it really shows in this episode.  As he is brought in to bring down his own friend, while avoiding his best friend.  A very powerful episode for Donatello.

A great episode to move the plot along, an episode that is easy to remember and stands out for what the Turtles are going through.  I recommend this episode to anyone who is watching only a few episodes here or there, as a strong plot building episode.  If you have not seen this episode, I recommend watching it to see just how the Turtles deal with Mutagen man… do they let him get away from guilt that he is a friend?  Find out by watching the episode!

Did you see “Mutagen Man Unleashed”?  What do you like about this episode?  Did you feel for Donatello with what is happening?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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