Review: Nick TMNT #31 "Mikey Gets Shellacne"

In Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they have Michelangelo taking the hits as being the dumb one.  His brothers pick on him big time, a great example will always be in "The Gauntlet" when Donatello is told to stay with Michelangelo.  Personally I find this a pet peeve, most of the time it’s just wiped off and Mikey acts like it does not bother him.  Though in Season 2 there is an episode where Michelangelo shows that his brother’s actions do hurt him.  Here is my review of “Mikey Gets Shellacne”.

In this episode Michelangelo wakes up to have broken out with zits.  As the episode moves on, his problem gets much worse.  He breaks down and informs his brothers that he got into a jar of mutagen in Donatello’s lab to try and make himself more cool.  He lets out that he did this because his brothers pick on him all the time.  Donatello shows that this is failed mutagen and is dangerous.  They find that Michelangelo could just turn into one big zit and pop.  So they must find the cure.

The second story going on to this episode is that Dogpound and Fishface are sent out to find Baxter Stockman.  Dogpound is angry about his mutation and wants to be human again.  Once he finds Baxter Stockman he threatens Baxter with a Mutagen collar, to turn him human again.  While Michelangelo realizes that Baxter has what is needed to save him, and his brothers are once again not listening to him he leaves on the mission.  Giving Dogpound and Michelangelo an epic battle, at the risk of Mikey exploding because of his bad mutation going on. 

This is another great episode for the Nickelodeon series.  Michelangelo once again shows that he’s not useless to the team.  It is annoying that it takes certain type of episodes for Michelangelo to make this point, though it’s good to see when he can stand his own.  Going toe to toe against Dogpound, is a battle I personally have been waiting to see.  I’ve always been dieing to see Dogpound release how he feels about his mutation.  While he got mutated all the way back in the middle of Season 1, we never see how he personally feels till now.  Both of these makes for a powerful episode.  Not alone the big change that this episode has brought to the Foot Clan.

With many great moments in the episode from Fishface and Dogpound first expressing that they no longer want to be mutants.  Fishface has one of the best lines of the series “I want to walk like a man, I want to loovvve like a man”.  It shows that they are truly not pleased with what they are, and answers a character question I’ve had about them since the changes came about.

I also like how Donatello described what is going to happen to Michelangelo.  The reactions from Michelangelo, as well as the images showing Mikey’s thoughts to all of this was a good laugh.  Bringing some comedy to an otherwise dark part of the episode.  Donatello is telling Michelangelo that he’s going to die.  Hopefully Mike learns his lesson and they don’t try to do another episode based on this kind of move again.

Baxter Stockman seems to have a full lab built up.  He’s got a lot of mutagen himself.  With the billboards we saw a few episodes ago and this lab, it has me wondering where Baxter was going with everything he’s up too.  Making his lab another favorite part of this episode.  He has his own story going in the background, where we just get to see images here or there to piece that puzzle together.  Can’t wait to see the results.

Rahzar, I personally don’t want to give too much away about him.  The design is different and I’m going to have to get use too.  I want to see more of him, to see how his character matches up to what I am hoping to see.  Or if they take us in a new totally interesting story with him.  I trust Ciro and the Nickelodeon crew to keep Rahzar a fun and interesting mutant in the series.  And I can’t wait to get the toy.

A fun episode with a lot of laughs.  I do not recommend this one to anyone who can’t stand looking at zits, because they are all over Mikey through the episode.  Though if you want a first look at the Foot’s newest Mutant, Rahzar, and you want to see Mikey stand his ground in the worse of times for him.  This is the episode for you.  A lot of laughs, and a lot of Michelangelo!

Have you seen “Mikey gets Shellacne”?  What was your favorite part of this episode? Do you like the new Rahzar? Do you think Mikey doing something because of his brothers was long over due or over reacting?  Share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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