Review: Nick TMNT #32 "Target: April O'Neil"

In Season one April O’Neil was clearly shown not only to be friend to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she is also the target of the Kraang.  Which makes her all the more interest for Karai, who is out to destroy the Turtles.  Now with the new Foot Bots, Kara is not going to sit back she wants to destroy the Turtles.  Is April truly safe, living a life without the Turtles by her side?  Here is my review of Nickelodeon’s TMNT episode “Target: April O’Neil”

Donatello tries hard to be there for April O’Neil, as he wants to fix the friendship.  She realizes that he’s around and yells at him as to how she never wants to see him again.  April goes on to live her life, as Donatello returns home hurt by what’s going on.  The anime that Michaelangelo has introduced to the family is on and Don once again sees the Princess reminding him of April.  Feeling more hurt, he goes off to his lab only to see that the Kraang communication orb is active.  Learning the Kraang are up to something the Turtles have a mission.

Karai is in trouble for breaking her father’s wishes in “Follow the Leader”.  This does not stop her from going forward with getting a robot built to go after April.  The Kraang do not seem to like the idea that their new Robot is going to be used against April.  Karai starts off by sending normal Foot Soldiers out after April.

April has decided to go see Casey Jones.  While there he mentions how he lost a friend.  April feels bad for him, and tries to reassure him that what happened was an accident.  Which at this point, Casey says the same line that Donatello said earlier.  April realizes that she’s been in the wrong.  The Foot attack April while she’s with Casey.  She calls the Turtles for help, while they’re breaking into the Foot base.  And now the three stories start to combine.

In this episode I started to get more of a feel of this Casey Jones.  I like how he had a story about losing a friend, that could open April’s eyes without him even meaning to do that.  I also enjoy the fact that he could handle these Foot Bots by himself.  It is the start of Casey becoming the fighter we all know and love.  I think they did a really good job on the battle there.

The robots that the Kraang were making reminded me to much of Chris Bardford before he got mutated.  I do not know if they were meaning to do that, and would love to see Rahzar’s reaction to the robot if he ever sees it.  Knowing that deep down, he has to still miss being human.  I found it amusing what the Kraang did with Chrome Dome when Karai was thinking that she had the upper hand.

With Donatello and April, I am glad that she made sure to say Thank you to Donatello.  That was an important thing, since out of the Turtles Donatello was the one having the hardest time with the changes happening around them.  With the lost.  At least he wore his feelings openingly.  Now that he has April back as a friend, it would be nice to see him working harder on fixing Timothy.

My favorite things in this episode was Michelangelo getting his hands on Chrome Dome’s weapon.  I wish his brothers saw that there was something there, with how well Mikey used it when needed.  Instead they just see his goof ups.  Which is getting old fast for me.  There’s more to this Turtle, than he’s getting credit for.  I also loved Michelangelo's mad skills with Shadow Puppets!  Hope to see that more in the series.

This was an okay episode for me.  April has never been my favorite character, and this was very focused on her.  I enjoyed Casey in the episode, and I liked seeing this April learn an important lesson.  Though hoping that she doesn’t just forget the lesson at some point and blame them for something again.  With everything she went through with the Turtles in the first season, it was shocking how fast she could turn her back on them.  And even more so, not go to Splinter about what happened and get some help with her anger towards the Turtles.  Splinter had nothing to do with her father turning into the bat, and has been like a second father to her.  Not my favorite episode, but an important one to the series.

Did you see “Target: April O’Neil”?  What was your favorite thing about this episode?  What do you think of Casey’s fight scene?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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