Review: Nick TMNT #34 "The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones"

With a hockey masked pulled over his face, he beats the bad guys making them pay for all of their crimes.  His weapons are that you can find in a sports store, from baseball bat to golf club.  His mark has been made on most properties of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  His temper usually brings him closer to Raphael as a friend.  His goal is to keep the streets of New York clean of scum.  First introduced in the Mirage solo issue for Raphael, he landed his spot in the cartoons, toys and movies!  Now Casey Jones finds his way into the Nickelodeon Cartoon as the crime fighter we all know him for being.  Here is my review of “The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones”. 

The Turtles are training and it’s down to Leonardo and Raphael.  Leonardo wins, Raph loses his temper and hurts Leonardo.  When he takes off to blow some steam he sees a man in a hockey mask taking out the Purple Dragons.  He jumps in to say they had enough and ends up finding this new guy in the show.  The new guy gets away, Raphael tries to say sorry to Leonardo. Only for his brothers to piss him off again.  Though when he heads out this time, the man spots him and follows him back to his home.

Casey is has found his new calling.  After fighting Mutagen man and the Foot Bots he’s going to clean the streets.  Using his sports gear he makes himself a crime fighting costume.  Though while out taking care of bad guys, he’s attacked by a Mutant Turtle.  He gets away with the sores from his battle.  At school he tries to tell April about this, as Irma pulls her away.  Casey’s out a few nights later and sees the Turtle, so he decides to follow him. 

Foot follow Casey to the Turtle’s lair.  There’s enough time for introductions before the Foot attack.  Now Casey is to team up with the Turtles in stopping the Foot from reporting the location of the lair back to the Foot Clan. 

Excited and disappointed with this episode.  I’m excited because Casey is done very well in here.  I really am enjoying the new Casey Jones.  I like his personality.  I like how he tried to tell April about what was going on.  And I love that Raph and him are forming a friendship.  I can’t wait for him to realize Donatello’s crush on April.  Should be an interesting mix.

Disappointed because of the sparring match.  This scene is taken from Mirage and 4Kids.  Raphael gets angry because of a sparring match and takes off when he meets Casey.  If they really want to pay homage to those areas of Ninja Turtles, he should of been beaten by Michelangelo.  This is the ONLY thing really changed from the formula that is Casey Jones introduction.  This annoys me to no end.  They want to inforce that Leonardo and Raphael are the better fighters all the time, that Michelangelo and Donatello’s skills will never best the other.  Though really, this Raphael would of had even more reason to be pissed if he was beaten by this Michelangelo.  The change they made here really is a let down, we’ve seen Leonardo beat Raphael before in this series.  Would of been nice to see another Turtle win.

My favorite scenes are when Casey Jones first sees Splinter and when Raphael tells Casey if the Foot gets away, he will be the one to have to tell Splinter.  This is an interesting and funny new spot to put Casey into, as we’ve never seen him fear Splinter before.  I also enjoy the nods to the other version of TMNT.  While I was thinking we may get a new introduction to him with the Turtles, sometimes you can’t be the classics.

I know I’ve been hearing mix reactions on Casey’s costumes.  I find some of this is cool for him while others seem a bit different that I’m not sure about.  I love that you can find both Eastman and Laird’s names on him.  I think the face paint is a great extra feature, but how does he not sweat to where it runs in his eyes under a mask?  I love the shocking weapon hidden in his mit.  And of course his weapons are very well done.  What I’m not sure about is the straps on his back to carry the weapons.  I miss the golf bag, while it was big and baggy it worked on Casey, better than straps.  As you need skill to put a weapon into a holster on your back, it’s easier to put them into a bag.  That is the only thing with his costume I question, the rest works for me.

A fun episode and a great way to bring Casey into the group.  Of course a little rushed into the friend department, though it’s a kids TV series and they are putting in a lot of new characters this season for us to get to know.  I like that both Raphael and Donatello have gotten so much attention in this series and hope to see more growth in all four Turtles.

Have you seen “The Good, the bad and Casey Jones”?  If so what are your thoughts of this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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