Review: Nick TMNT #35 "The Kraang Conspiracy"

For awhile I was able to keep up with reviews on the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, though this last year I have slowed down.  I am sorry about this.  2014 has been a busy year from travels to family stuff.  I have been trying to keep up with Cowabunga Corner, though my story reviews have fallen short.  Going to try and pick up on these.  Picking up now where I left off so so many months ago.

In season one of Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we learn that the Kraang are after April O’Neil.  That there is something important about her, that makes her a target.  We see that she’s got powers of her own.  As the Kraang express that they need her for what they’re doing.  Many fans were confused.  Though we were told there’s still more to see with April when I interviewed Ciro Nieli this last summer.  Here is our next taste of April’s story line, my review of “The Kraang Conspiracy”.

In this episode it starts off showing the Turtles training with April.  April realizes they’re being watched, and the Turtles chase down the man who had his eyes on them.  When they catch up they find that this guy has been following up on the Kraang for a long time.  As he reveals how important April is to the Kraang.  While talking the Kraang attack, the Turtles get away and head over to TCRI to put the Kraang out of business again.  April wants to be included and even when told to stay behind she pushes her way into this mission.  In side they find clones of April and get into a handful of trouble.  With fighting clones of April and the real April caught by the Kraang they must find away out of TCRI.  Watch the episode to learn how they get out of this mess.

This episode was okay, it is a big episode towards April’s story.  Letting us know a bit more on why April is different.  This has had mixed reactions from the fans.  Personally, I rather this background than April’s history in Volume 4 of the Mirage Comics.  As we watch, there’s still more to learn about her and I want to see where Ciro, Brandon and those at Nickelodeon bring this adventure. 

The more I watch Kraang episodes, the more I like the Kraang.  They have fun short conversations between themselves that just kind of feels human.  Their personalities are great.  The fight scenes are great, because they can do so much with the robot bodies.  A great scene is where the Kraang are going after DNA from April and says “How about hair that has DNA” as a Kraang replies “That is correct, but this is more entertaining to Kraang.” 

What I liked about this episode is the April clones.,  Learning what the Kraang have been up too with April.  And seeing some of their mistakes with making the clones.  For me it was fun to see the Turtles fight April, having to take her down.  Of course this has been hard on poor Donatello, and his crush on April.  It was also great seeing that Raphael was the one that got to take off to help save April, with Donatello yelling after him.

What I did not like about this episode is how much of an ego headed jerk April was and she got away with it.  She was told to stay behind, she was rude to the guys when they helped her, and then she’s able to get out of this mess without being in trouble for her actions.  This episode made me feel that Donatello was too good for April O’Neil.  A part of me was hoping that she would learn to work with the team and that she needs to improve, only because of how rude she was being about it.  For me that was the biggest disappointment with the episode.

Otherwise I enjoyed the humor, found April derp amusing, loved the battle with the Kraang, and did not mind learning about April’s history and what she really is.  It leaves us guessing on where they’re going to ride with this and just what Nickelodeon can throw at us next.  It is interesting meeting someone else who knows about the Kraang, but aren’t the Turtles worried just who else Kurtzman would be willing to tell this information too?  He’s a journalist, meaning he’s looking for stories.  Who knows if that could lead to something else.

This is not my favorite TMNT episode, though it’s not the worse either. I’ve watched it a few times and find it amusing.  Though April is not my favvorite character and this based around her.  Most likely this is an episode I will watch when showing someone the series in order.

What do you think of “The Kraang Conspiracy”?  Do you like that April is not human? Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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