Review: Nick TMNT #36 "Fungus Humungous"

The Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is now into it’s third season.  I have fallen behind in my reviews, and am working at fixing this problem.  Right now doing reviews from Season 2.  With a great team at Nickelodeon, the show keeps improving in their artwork and character depth for each of their good and bad teams.  This is my review for the episode “Fungus Humungous”.

In this episode as Casey and April are heading into the sewers, April is sprayed by something new.  Finding her deepest fears coming true around her.  She freaks out and takes off into the sewers.  Casey informs the Turtles as they go into the sewers to find April, only for both Casey and Raphael to be hit by the same stuff.  Now with April back with the group, Casey takes off from his fear of rats.  When Donatello discovers the reason that they’re going through this, Leo, Don and Mike take April and Raph back out to find the cause of their new problem and find Casey.  They find the mushrooms, though in battle Mike, Don and Leo all get sprayed and now face their deepest fears.  With the entire group under the spell, how can they win this battle?

This was a fun idea for the series.  While I agreed with some of the fears that the Turtles had, I felt that other ones could of been better thought out.  April’s fear was her dad trying to eat her?  Instead of the Kraang getting their hands on her, when she now knows that she’s their target… learning about how she was born.  Her dad never gave her a reason to fear him, eating her.  While Casey having his fear of rats worked really well.  We learned in his first episode about his fear of rats.

The fear I had the biggest problem with was Michelangelo’s.  I felt that his fear was just thrown in there.  When there’s other fears that Mikey should have to face.  The fear of everyone hating him and finding him useless.  Mike has wanted more than anything in this series to have friends.  Which is how he got into his problem with Chris Bradford.  And why he stood up so strongly for Leatherhead.  He does not want to be seen as a monster, he wants others to give him a chance.  Would of been interesting to see how they made that fear work. 

The animation in this episode is just beautiful.  I can’t believe how great it looks, there are some images in this show that I would love to have as a poster.  A great example is the three brothers near Leonardo before they head back to the lair.  The lighting in that pose, along with all the details around them just makes for great eye candy.  It just goes to show how much love the Nickelodeon staff is putting into this series as everything is progressing and getting better.

The story in this episode was fun.  It’s great to see the characters on the run from their fears and explore what some of their fears are.  It had a creepy twist of fighting the unknown, with a lot of humor in how the fears were handled.  And even some really twisted ways of the fears showing themselves.  From Raphael seeing Michelangelo while still under the spell, to Leonardo watching the dance.  There was a lot of creativity through the entire episode, to where you never knew what they were going to do next. 

I recommend this episode to anyone who enjoys some humor where you don’t need to know everything going on with the series.  The bat father may be the biggest confusion part for newcomers to the show.  The rest of this was a great ride and a ton of laughs.  I do use some of the screen caps from this episode as wallpapers for my laptop, as the art here is could go up in any art show. 

Have you seen “Fungus Humungousu”? What is your thoughts on this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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