Review: Nick TMNT #37 "Metalhead Rewired"

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there has been so many different characters created that have touched the hearts of the fandom.  Some of these characters are strong enough to pass through the different generations of the TMNT comics, cartoons, toys and more.  One of the characters I am thrilled to see brought back is Metalhead.  This is a review of the Nickelodeon episode “Metalhead Rewired”.

In this episode Donatello has upgraded Metalhead.  While training they learn how strong he is.  It does not take long for their mission to start, as Metalhead’s alarm is set and Spider Bytez is running through the sewer, with the Kraang hot on his tail.  While going after the Kraang Donatello contacts Metalhead, who helps them bringing in the Shellraiser.  Once the car chase is over, Don convinces Leonardo to let Metalhead help. 

The Kraang have disappeared.  When scanning for the Kraang there was no sign of them.  Michelangelo finds a burrito he wants out of a vending machine, while messing with it they find a Kraang computer.  Donatello has Metalhead hook up to get information from the computer, things go wrong and backfire on Metalhead.  Metalhead is damaged and the Turtles have lost their trail of following the Kraang.  Don tries to fix Metalhead, not having much luck.  Leonardo convinces Donatello that he has to shut down Metalhead’s AI, in front of Metalhead.

Metalhead hears this and takes off.  Locking the Turtles into Donatello’s lab.  With some help the Turtles get out and hunt him down.  They follow Metalhead and find a Dimensional portal.  Which Michelangelo seems to be the only Turtle who can open it.  The Turtles are pulled through the portal finding themselves in a Kraang base.  They find a bunch of mutants trapped.  With the portal closed, mutants all locked down and Metalhead gone rogue.  How will the Turtles get out of this?  Watch to find out.

This is a great episode.  It shows Donatello’s work progressing with how much he’s done with Metalhead.  We see that Metalhead has some sort of weird thing with attacking Michelangelo’s face, like Leatherhead has something with attacking Donatello’s face.  Wonder if it was a program Don did, for a playful revenge on Mike for bringing Leatherhead into their lives.  It’s also really awesome to see how many Mutants they pulled into this episode from Snakeweed, Slash, to Spider Bytez and Kirby.  Even Pete got into this episode. 

This was an interesting Leonardo and Donatello episode.  While all four Turtles are through out the full episode, it felt like we were watching the growth between these two brothers.  Leonardo was strong against Metalhead being a real part of the team, and turned out to be the reason Metalhead ran away.  While Leo is the leader, his choices are sometimes blind towards the bigger picture.  If Leo stood down, things could of went a lot different and he realized it at the end of the episode and the price his actions caused.

One of the other great things of this episode is that it was a part of the main storyline.  Showing the Kraang trying something new.  The Turtles finding a portal.  And a fight at a Kraang base that was most likely on Earth.  It was interesting how Michelangelo was the only one that could open the door with the portal.  I would personally love to see them go more into how Mikey was able to make it work, while his brothers can’t.

I found this episode fun, though it is not a stand alone episode.  I don’t feel I can take someone who doesn’t know the series and sit them down to watch it, without “Who’s that?” and “Why’d they do that?” type questions being asked.  Even with it being a strong story driven episode, it was still a great episode with wonderful animation.  I recommend this one to anyone who’s seen the episodes before it.  This is not a jump in point for the show.

Have you seen “Metalhead Rewired”? What did you think of this episode?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below!

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