Review: Nick TMNT flying Disc 2

The summer months are here which means lots of different TMNT toys.  We already shared one flying disc with the fans, with Leonardo’s face real big on it.  Now to share a flying disc that is more like a normal Frisbee.  This flying disc is flat and has all four Turtles on it, instead of just Leonardo.

The disc itself is bright green.  The image is four images of the Turtles, pasted together to be a group shot.  These are the common type of images we’ve been seeing for products, unlike the last disc where the Leonardo face was made for the disc.  This one is a lot more simple and easier to produce.  Recommended for kids 3+ this is a fun toy to bring out to play with at a park or large open field.

Released by the same people that brought us the other flying disc.  Wrapped in a plastic clear bag with a cardboard top.  The back has all the legal information.  “What Kids Want” has handled a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items, each of the ones I’ve seen has been good and fun for TMNT fans of all ages.  I do recommend picking this up if you see it.  I got mine at Toys R Us.

Do you have a TMNT flying disc?  If so which one?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.


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Amazing flying disc designed in TMNT. I like it becasue when i was a child my favorite movie to watch is the TMNT, it cool;!! this produvt so much..I was amazed!increase facebook likes