Review Nickelodeon TMNT "Mousers Attack"

In every universe of the pre Viacom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baxter Stockman was always introduced with his Mousers.  The Mirage comics had issue 2 “TMNT vs. the Mousers”, the original cartoon series had “A Thing about Rats”, and even the 4Kids Series had “A Better Mousetrap”.  Though when IDW came along and showed us Baxter Stockman in their first issue showing Baxter without the mouser, not one mouser until issue 6.  This was the first time that Baxter was introduced without the mousers by his side, though it was truly only the beginning.  In this weeks episode of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we get to see the newest set of mousers to hit the TMNT worlds in “Mousers Attack”, Baxter’s second episode of the series.  Here’s my review.

This episode starts off with training, as the four Turtles are working under Splinter.  Though when Raphael picks on Leonardo and the two of them get into a fight, Splinter breaks up the fight.  He does not like them going against each other, so decides to team the two against Michelangelo and Donatello.  Leo mentions how this would be an unfair fight, though when Don and Mike hear this they take it as an insult.  Once the sparring match begins, Leo and Raph clean the floor with them.  Winning the fight.

While I agree that Leo is more skilled and Raph is stronger than Mike and Don, I do not feel that they should be displayed as this easy of targets for the two of them.  The 4Kids series had a great way showing that Mike could handle himself against Raph in “Meet Casey Jones”, a scene that could also be seen in the original Micro series for Raphael by Mirage.  4Kids also showed that Mike can beat Raph in “The Battle Nexus”.   I liked that the characters fighting skills were so different in that series, yet their strengths made it so the fight was a lot more even.  So far with Nickelodeon we’ve seen that Mike and Don do not have a chance against Raph and Leo, which just seems very much like stereotyping them.

Shredder is getting a report from Dogpound, finding out that the Purple Dragon is now giving the Foot 80% of what they make.  Shredder approves of this, though does not want the main goal to be forgotten, finding Splinter and the Turtles.  While Xever is swimming around in the water, he cruises that he’s stuck there.  While Dogpound takes this time to pick on him for being trapped in there.  Shredder finishes this up with a threat to Dogpound.

I really liked this scene, it shows that Shredder is finding Chris’s mutation handy.  I also like that Shredder is still calling Chris by the name Bradford.  I thought for sure we were going to lose their human names right away.  And Xever is still being called by his name.  Once again I enjoyed Nickelodeon taking out some time to show us what is going on with the Foot, the build up to what we see later.  It’s great character growth and helped me with some of my curiosity.  I still would like to see how much this is getting to Chris, how much of his life he lost due to his mutant forum.

Back in the sewers, Michelangelo and Donatello are upset by how their training session went.  Leonardo comes back trying to say they could not compare each other.  Though Raphael’s comment sends Mike and Don off, as Mike realizes they see them as a “B Team”.  Leo uses his tv show as an example of what a B Team is good for.  Though before they could go on with this, April shows up, upset.  Someone from the Purple Dragons stoled her cell phone.  The Turtles swear to get her cell phone back, as April is against this, the Turtles decide to take it into their own hands.  Even Splinter warns them to not go after the cell phone, though knowing it’s the Purple Dragons, the Turtles feel they can handle this and leave any how.

This is such a new version of the turtles, not use to Leonardo being so smug to his brothers.  Donatello has played a very important role this whole series so far, and has helped the team more than even Raph.  Finding out about and defusing a bomb, realizing that Rockwell never had a monkey, making and defeating Metalhead.  He also really impressed Leo in the Metalhead episode with how well his flowchart to hang out with April works.  So for Leo to just dismiss Don so much here, over fighting skills is a bit annoying.  Though sadly the Mikey in this show is the first time I’ve seen Mikey be that big of a mess up because of his hyperactive side.  Though when fighting the Shredder, Mike was the only one to really hurt him.  One last thing about this part was how the Turtles just dismissed Splinter’s concerns again, you would've think they would have learned to listen to him about jumping into fights, or at least Leo.  Hope to see character growth here where the guys listen to him.

The purple dragons are kicking back, throwing daggers at an image of a turtle.  The turtles give them a surprise attack, as Don and Mike both go to do an attack they get cut off by Raph and Leo.  Leo grabs Fong and pushes him against a wall telling him they’re looking for a phone.  The dragons show them the loot as mousers come up from the ground and start to steal loot, distracting the Turtles.  The Fong grabs the phone and runs.  Leo sends the B Team after the phone, saying Raph and him will handle the metal.  As comments are made between the teams about not being afraid to call for backup.

I wondered why there wasn’t a Turtle attacking Fong during the fight, waiting only till they blocked off their brothers with this one.  Of course it was dumb of Don to point at the phone and not just grab it.  And why did Leo and Raph feel they had to go after the mousers?  They didn’t lose anything to these metal monsters.  That reminded me of the turtles in the 2007 Movie where the turtles fought the Big Foot Monster that was fighting the foot clan!  These things are not harming them, but their enemies.  It seemed weird that Leo and Raph went after them at this point in the show.  Guess it was the best way to keep the plot moving.  Mike and Don got the more important job here.

We get to see Leonardo and Raphael take on the mousers.  They are easy enough to destroy.  Once they destroy the mousers there, they follow the tunnel the mousers came through to find out where they’re coming from.  The other two purple dragons also decide to follow and find out what’s going on.

Again my reaction is why?  Why follow these things who are attacking the enemy?  Isn’t the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  This just does not make sense to me.  At least those two purple dragons decided to follow, nice to see some use come out of them other than being beaten up.

In a different building Dogpound is lifting weights and we see Fong come in.  He tells Dogpound this cell phone belongs to a friend of the turtles.  This gets his attention.  Up on the roof Mike and Don look in a sun roof seeing Dogpound.  Don doesn’t want to wait for the others, so he starts working on a plan to use stealth.

Dogpound kind of reminded me of Hun here from the 4Kids series.  The oversize worker of the foot clan who gives orders to the purple dragon.  Originally it felt like Xever was in charge of the purple dragons, so I didn’t feel that.  Now, it’s got Hun written all over Dogpound.  I liked that Don thought to use stealth to get the phone.

The mousers are bringing the loot to Baxter Stockman, when Raph and Leo get there, Raph tries to remember his name and gets close.  As Baxter lays out his master plan about the mousers to them.  They decide to take him out, though Baxter sprays them down with some spray which get the mousers to attack Leo and Raph.   Once they defeat that group of mousers they think they’re done till Stockman shows that he has more mousers.  Leo and Raph realize there’s too many and run, as Baxter is left gloating the purple dragons take him out.

I kind of like that the turtles did not remember his name as it’s been a bit since their last fight with him.  Though this Baxter is a bit dumb for a Baxter... I like the cool Baxter who doesn’t throw his full body into his talk.  I am still taking time to get use to this Baxter, as I really did like the Stockman in the 4Kids cartoon series.  I like that he was ready for people to attack him with his spray.  I also like how the purple dragons waited for just the right time to take him out.

On the rooftop Don and Mike are trying to figure out what to do about the phone.  Don is coming up with all the plans as all Mike is doing is coming up with names for the plans.  Don’s first two plans had things needed to pull them off, though when he said cutting the power they realized they didn’t need anything else.  Mike loved the plan giving it three different names.

Once again I feel that Mikey is being left a little too dumb here, instead of trying to help Don with planning their actions he’s so excited about his names.  Leaving all the work on Donatello.  This is the first Mikey to be this spacey on serious times.  I do hope he grows a bit out of this, as it’s disappointing for me as a Mikey fan to see him treated this way.

Raph and Leo are on the run with the mousers hot on their trail.  They realized that whatever Baxter sprayed them with is how the mousers are tracking them.  Once Leo recommends calling Don for help, Raph disagrees with him.  Leo notices a water tower and runs over using it to try and wash the stuff off, though it does not work as Raph decides they could call Donnie to say hi.

This fits in, I like that they did try to come up with an answer before calling Donatello.  I also like that Leo was the first one to day “Hey let’s call the others” and it was Raph fighting that idea.  These mousers are fun and fast.  basically a nice pacing scene to show what’s going on with those two and why they need help.

Don and Mike are on the roof as Don is still coming up with plans, while Mike is still naming his plans.  His T-phone goes off and it’s Leo, right away Don assumes he’s calling for help so Leo pretends they got it all under control asking Don how they’re doing.  Don of course says they got this.  Once off the phone, Leo tells Raph that they can not rely on the B-Team for help on this one.

Again a nice build up for the show.  Don’s plans are getting a little more out there.   Mike is still trying to name the plans.  I felt like they had to stall this team just to try and give Leo and Raph their chance to do that first call.  Though the phone call between Don and Leo was fun, my favorite part was afterwards the expression on Raph’s face as Leo was saying “die trying”.

While Dogpound and Fong is trying to break into the phone the other purple dragon members show up with Baxter.  Dogpound says he does not have time for this and to get rid of him, though when Baxter hears that they’re fighting the turtles he pleads his case that he hates the turtles and is working to destroy them too.  Dogpound learns that Baxter works on robots and decides he can hack into the phone.

I really like this scene, showing how Baxter meets the foot.  In the original cartoon series we also get to see how Baxter joins up with the Foot. I find this as a nice touch for the series.  Dogpound realized they needed someone who knows more about tech.  Just too bad this Baxter doesn’t have the backbone to demand the respect for this talent like the 4Kids Baxter did.

Don and Mike set things up to cut the power, Leo and Raph are still on the run.  We get to see a fight scene with them and the mousers so we can see that they’re getting worn down.  Meanwhile Baxter is working on hacking into the phone for Dogpound.  Mike and Don get the lights off and come running in to steal the phone.  They get caught by Dogpound and hung up by chains.

For Ninjas Mike and Don did really bad and were not being stealth like at all, which seems wrong.  In “New Friend, Old Enemy” they pulled off being quiet in the dark just great.  In “The Gauntlet” they used smoke bombs and was not heard or seen.  So why in the dark do they get caught so easy and running side by side?  Really a forced scene to show that they need Raph and Leo.

If you want to know what happens from here on out, see the episode.  Though there is one very cool touch I must bring up, at one point April’s phone rings and it’s Irma calling!   A great hint that Irma could be in this series.  I am so looking forward to seeing her.

Overall this was a fun episode, a lot of back and forth.  Worse part was it was a lot of very forced lessons.  As things went in directions that they did not need too, from Leo and Raph following the mousers to Mikey and Don getting caught by Dogpound in the dark.  As fun as the episode is, it was also disappointing.  Mikey was not needed by Raph and Leo, only Don was.  Mikey did not really help Don, he gave names for missions and got caught just as fast.

Favorite parts in episode go to Leo using his favorite show as an example, Dogpound tormenting Xever in the water,  Baxter meeting Dogpound, and Baxter meeting the Shredder.

Did you see this episode?  What is your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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