Review: Out of the Shadows Turtle Designs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Out of the Shadows” is out and ready for downloading.  This is a TMNT game that I personally will not be playing unless I’m playing someone else’s copy.  I did a review awhile back on what I thought of the looks of the Turtles when the designs were first release and now that I’m looking at them more, I want to do another review on the designs.  Now before someone comes in here and saying haters gonna hate or negative press will only hurt it, please look around Cowabunga Corner and see how much positive press I give towards Turtles.  So when I say I don’t like something, at least I’m being honest to myself and the viewers.


Throughout the years I’ve been able to adjust to a lot of changes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s appearances.  From the new plastrons and face masks on Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation, Cyborg Don in Image TMNT, no pupils with the 4Kids TMNT, and now three toes in the Nickelodeon Turtles.  These are all each small yet big changes all of their own.  Changes that fans either like, dislike and can even just ignore.  I realize that every property wants to make the Turtles something their own, which is why we see so many character design changes.  A fact that annoys and pleases fans all at the same time.  And most fans I know have their own set of perfect look for the Turtles.  


For me the perfect look for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first movie.  They looked real, believeable, a good blend between the Comics and Cartoon.  Their expressions were so far advance for their time.  They are the Turtles how I would picture them.  This is a personal choice and I realize this.  And I do enjoy most of the other TMNT designs and realize that they match into the world that they were designed for.  My first time seeing a design change that I did not like came with the 2007 movies, these big wrists.  I’ve liked it that the Turtles arms were normal shape just with 3 fingers.  The over sized arms annoyed me.  Though I liked their faces and most of their personalities.


For me the faces are the most important part of a character.  The eyes, the smiles, the angry glares.  In TMNT 3 I call them frog face Turtles, because I don’t like the faces. I still like the story which for me is what saves the third Turtle film.  So just because I don’t like an image doesn’t mean the content around it gets judged by the design only.  And this is where “Out of the Shadows” comes in for me.


Designs… when I looked at it I think it’s one of those weird fan art where people “try” to make the Turtles look more realistic.  Try is the key word there, they looked very real in the original movie without added features.  Looking at this design Raph has his scar in his plastron and Donatello has the gap in the teeth to match up to the Nickelodeon Turtles.  The nostrils and lips… lips… Don has LIPS?!   They look weird and really throws me off.   He looks more like a snake to me now.  I know that real Turtles and humans have nostrils, but that does not mean that the mutants need them.  This is one of those cases where the more features added throws it off and makes the characters look weird.  


I am happy that the body seems to mostly follow the design of the Nickelodeon series.  Besides for bringing back the two toes which I am thrilled with.  Even though I remain not a fan of the over sized forearms.  I’ve been looking these Turtles over and for the most part the biggest problem I have is the face, nostrils and lips.


The area this would affect me most is buying products.  When I like a product I buy two, one to put away and one to display.  Though if an image of the product does not hold my interest I will only get the one to put away.  In this case I am glad there’s no toys of Turtles with lips and nostrils.  I am thankful this is just a game I’m not planning to get in the first place.


Now this is one of the reasons I’m not going after the game, but it is not the only reason.  I stand by my original statement about video games.  I like being able to buy my games in a package, so if I don’t own the system that plays it I can put the game away till I get that system be it a better PC or an XBox.  I feel like I’m putting my money into something when I can hold the product in my hand, instead of going ‘oh it goes into the thing I already own’. 


These are all my personal feelings on the changes made for this video game.  I am still willing to play it if I’m ever around it or get one of those systems.  I will not buy a system just to get this game, maybe playing it will change my mind on that feeling.  Only time will tell.  This is only a review on the Turtle designs, not on the game itself. 


What are your thoughts on the designs of the Turtles in this game?  Do you like the Turtles having lips?  Do you think the nostrils fit the Turtles?  Do you like the looks and not the game play?  Do you like the game play and not the looks?  Or do you like both the game play and the looks?  Please share your reviews and questions about the game design below!


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Heya Ivy! I totally understand. I do ask that you play the game for yourself somehow, though. Because while you don't dig the designs, you'll definitely appreciate the gameplay elements. I was very impressed with how each turtle has a unique combo system and fighting style all his own. And there's plenty of juicy Turtle-style ad-lib that we all love so much!You'll also find Don's Arcade to be really cool. Trust me! Don't spend the money on the game if you don't want, but definitely check it out!

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I do hope to play the game, I got a few friends who have it.  And as I mentioned, it's not because of the design that I do not own the game.  It's because of their choice of how to sell it.  I would've bought this game if it came to stores normally.  I've been hearing mixed reviews of people who like the game play and people who do not.  I may not get a chance to try the game till November though, with traveling and other things going on till then.