Review: Rob Paulsen's Talkin Toons TMNT


In 1989, I was introduced to a TV series that changed my life.  Through the years of knowing this show I have had some really cool adventures, met some wonderful people and have grown an amazing collection.  And the full time I’ve held a deep respect for those who made this all happen for me, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon series.  This show was truly what got me hooked to Ninja Turtles and I could never thank the cast and crew enough for how much it has helped me in my life.  Really, I never knew if I’d get the chance to meet the cast of the show.  So when Rob Paulsen announced that the cast was going to be on his podcast Talkin Toons, as well as it being recorded live, I knew this was an event I could not miss.

I got to Universal City Walk early that day, in hopes of other fans arriving as well.  I had a goal that if there were some more Turtle fans there early we could do some fan interviews for Cowabunga Corner.  So I brought my backpack and cameras.  Though by time people did start to really show up, we already put things back in the car as it was close to time for the doors to open.  It would've been cool to get to talk with some of the fans there and even do a few interviews of people about this event itself, questions like how they learned of it, if there was a certain actor they wanted to see, etc to use with this review.  Maybe another time.

Once the line showed up so did the guests.  The first person I saw was Barry Gordon.  Though as time went by, I watched as others arrived.  I used this time to give away some TMNT stickers I had to the Turtle fans in line.  I have a lot of stickers for the new Nickelodeon TMNT series and enjoy sharing them and since it was a TMNT event, what better place to share.  Once Rob Paulsen showed up, he came out and greeted the line, introducing people like Sue Blu, Renae Jacobs and Peter Renaday to the crowd.

We headed in and I got a wonderful seat for being there early.    It was front right up against the stage.  I spent most of the time kind of leaning on the stage.  I took a few pictures near the beginning of the show, trying to get a non-blurry pic.  I got warned from the Jon Lovitz Theater when someone came down to talk to me, thinking I was recording, I was able to show him that I wasn’t.  Though I let Miki cover taking the rest of the pics with her camera as she gets better photos than I do.

Listen to the show:

The show was so fun and really I wish it was a video podcast because the face reactions, the photos behind them, and the funny gestures that were made are all things lost by listening to only the vocals of the show.  At the same time, it makes sense as these are voice actors, so what better way to do a podcast with them than letting people listen to their voices.  I still wish some video was allowed of the event.

Favorite moments... there was so many cool moments.  I loved when Renae realized the photo behind her and the guys kept looking up at it so she got after them.  I love when The Tick had to ask Pinky if he was Pondering what he was Pondering...  I love when Bill Wolf got to speak up, it was really good to hear him in the crowd.  Really the show was great overall, and being there was a real honor.

For my two items I did their pizza special... though it tasted like a heated up frozen pizza.  I got my drink as an orange soda with no ice.  The orange soda was good.  I let my food last me through the evening, to just enjoy the show.  It was $10 for the two items.

The overall feel of the place was just thrilling as they filled the main floor plus had guests up on the second floor.  It was crowded with people who loved this show as much as I do.  And just being around this many other TMNT fans is exciting and makes the event even more enjoyable.  Some of the other Turtle fans I knew there was Cynthia, Jessica, Stephan, Jack, and zkarlette.  Really the biggest surprise was the lack of some of the other well known TMNT fan that I was thinking would be there.  I hope all is well for them and that it was nothing bad that kept them from the event.

After the show they were doing autographs up on the 3rd floor.  All autographs were for charity, Operation Smile at $20 per an item.  You could have the full cast sign one item for $20.  Most people were only getting one item signed. I had three items which was $60 and I know Stephan was able to donate a lot more than I could.  Though I did not go straight up to the line, I went and visited friends on the second floor before joining the line up stairs.  I was near the back of the line, taking this time as I went around and talked to some friends in line.  My voice was shot, but I still managed to say hi to a few people.

Once getting up to the table, I had my t-shirt signed by Barry Gordon, Sue Blu and Peter Renaday.  I had a DVD cover from Season 7 signed by Barry Gordon, Sue Blu, Peter Renaday, Townsend Coleman, and Cam Clarke.  And lastly I had an animation cel from the episode “The Cufflink Caper” signed by Cam Clarke, Barry Gordon, Renae Jacobs, Sue Blu and Peter Renaday.  I also took this chance to have a group photo taken with everyone.  It was truly a dream come true moment as they were all so kind and wonderful to talk too.

Overall, this day means so much and was better than I could've hoped it would be.  Everyone from the fans to the stars were wonderful and truly awesome to be around.  The vibe of the place was all good with happy people all around us.  The laughter and cheers that filled the atmosphere was just breathtaking all on it’s own.  I can not thank Rob Paulsen enough for holding this event!  I hope that someday they’ll be able to do this again and even more TMNT fans will be able to see attend!

Bottom left to right: Peter Renaday, Rob Paulsen, Barry Gordon, Townsend Coleman
Top left to right: Michele Ivey, Cam Clarke, Sue Blu and Renae Jacobs

Did you get to go to this event?  If so please share your memories!   All comments, reviews and questions are welcomed below!  

 All Photos by: Miki Ivey

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