Review: SDCC TMNT Panel 2012

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is coming out on September 29th, 2012. With this information there was no way that San Diego Comic Con could pass up on having a totally awesome TMNT panel, bringing in the cast and creative team behind the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Cowabunga Corner crew, as well as many other TMNT fans, gathered for this event to try and be some of the first to see and hear the news about this new series.

Now the video of the panel has been shared by Nickelodeon and Ninja Pizza, though we wanted to share our video as well for a different view of the stage. According to rules you can not video tape the video on the screen, so there is none of that in our video footage. We will share what we can with you here. Please feel free to watch this panel before reading my review.

40 minutes of Turtle magic. I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did with getting to see the people behind the show and hearing a little bit about the creation of the show. Ciro showed the art and talking about the inspirations. A great show besides for one thing... It was too short! Most panels include a Q&A from the fans, though we did not get this for this panel as it started late and ended on time. The sad thing about the panel starting late was that it was the first panel of the day. It would have been awesome if they could have started it on time just to give us those extra minutes instead of feeling like it was rushed.

Other than the rush feeling, I really enjoyed getting to hear each person talk a little up there, about how they grew up with TMNT and how much it means to be part of the team now and Rob saying how he’s getting a second chance at working on TMNT. Even though there was not much time, everyone said stuff that reached out to us fans and they were able to goof around up there. Seeing Rob picking on Sean, and even Jason Biggs jumping in. It was a total laugh for everyone to enjoy.

I really do hope that The Turtle panel becomes a normal part of Comic Con International, much like other shows have yearly panels. It would be cool to see the TMNT get set in as one of those things you can look forward to every year. Though I hope that they plan it out better to start on time and give a little bit of Q&A time to the fans there.

About the videos they showed... The clips for each Turtle was very, very short as they were one liners to where you did not get to see or hear too much. Though the long clips, like the first long one they showed was great. It was the clip with the Kraangs. I’ve seen that clip on youtube, so it is something people can find. The one thing about that clip is how much like Teen Titans it is, with the wide eyed expressions. Other than that, this was a great clip showing the Turtles finding out about the Kraangs, as Michelangelo was the first to know about them and gets after his brothers on how they didn’t believe him. It’s definitely worth watching.
The other long clip is on the Nickelodeon site, so I’m happy to share it here. This is the training clip, showing the turtles in training. In the panel, we hear that this is from the first episode of the show. So check it out here.

Personally, I love this clip. It shows each of them in their personalities. Keeping true to how we’ve known the Turtles in the past. And the fight scene with Raph and Leo was really well done. Love how he used his sais! Very clever! I remember cheering loud along with many others when he threw Leo like that. Though I do have a pet peeve with the clip too, why are they squeaky when they move? It’s like rubbing rubber together or something. It’s unnecessary sound effects. I can live with it, just something I hope they don’t over do through the series.

Now for a fun fact about the ending with Kevin Eastman, I knew he was coming out at some point because at the beginning of the panel I saw him there. He ran up and asked to borrow my hat, then he disappeared with my hat. So when Kevin went up as the pizza delivery guy he was wearing my hat that I got there at Comic Con. Originally, I had nothing to do with the pizza box, though it was given to me by one of the Nickelodeon people. So I had both the hat and pizza box signed by Kevin later that weekend.

Anyone who wants to watch the Nickelodeon upload of the panel please feel free to here - This version of the panel has the video clips I could not personally add.

As you can tell by watching this, it is edited down. Though still good to see those clips are released so people can see them.

I can’t wait for next year’s Comic Con International and really hope that there’s a TMNT panel. Of course we’re all looking forward for a movie panel next summer, though another cartoon panel would be awesome too! Just not on the same day as each other.

Did you go to this panel at Comic Con and got something to add? Feel free to share reviews, comments, and questions here.

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