Review: Sea Life

Mall of America has many great things, and we have been covering the "Nickelodeon Universe" theme park a lot lately because of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock ride.  Though while at the Mall of America, we got to explore some of the other great things they have to offer.  One of those was “Sea Life,” the aquarium inside Mall of America.

On March 17th, after things calmed down over by Shell Shock, Fugitoid, my mother and I decided to take a break from “Nickelodeon Universe” and headed down to “Sea Life.”  The three of us were in for a treat.  I’ve always enjoyed being around animals, so getting to go down and see the fish, sharks, turtles and starfish sounded like an enjoyable way to take a break.  Once you get over to the East Entrance you go down one level to buy your tickets for “Sea Life,” then you’re sent down one more level to enter.

The first area you come into has stingrays.  It was an open pool, so you could get a really good look at them.  Right around the corner from them were the starfish.  These were the ones you could touch.  A worker was there to answer any questions you had about the different type of creatures were in the touching pool.  Very informative and interesting.  The next area they had notes not to touch the starfish, but there were some really interesting ones with bright colors.  I really liked the bright red ones.

We went from there into the jellyfish area, which was really cool to see.  The lighting really showed them off and the display was nicely done.  We spent some time in this room taking pictures of the different jellyfish and just enjoying our time before moving on.  The following room had a bunch of seahorses, really small.  I never knew how they’d wrap their tails around twigs under water.  There were all sorts of different color seahorses, a real treat to see.

Right away, when we head into the next section we find some sea turtles laying near the bottom of this walk through tunnel of water.   This area was a long tunnel with large fish, including sharks.  We walked through getting some photos and video of this nice exhibit.   One of my favorite videos from this is of a turtle in a corner, coming out, going up and swimming around and then heading back to its corner.  Here’s  the video of that turtle.

There were a lot of other turtles down here, too, big ones and small ones.  We enjoyed this area before walking out of the tunnel into a nature set up.  With waterfalls, wooded areas, and animals that live in these type of areas.  We walked through here getting to look at different creatures.  We also walked up a level here, on a ramp while looking at the different things including some tiny poison frogs.  At the top of the ramp was the exit, where you could get a photo taken and buy it for memories.  Then you exit into the gift shop.

Overall, it was a nice walk through and something I really did enjoy.  A break from all the activities to just relax and enjoy some nature.  I always enjoy seeing turtles.  The jellyfish, starfish, sharks and seahorses were all an extra treat for the day.  If you get out to Mall of America, do make sure to stop over by “Sea Life” and see their awesome set up!

Have you been to “Sea Life”?  What is your favorite part?  Please comment, review or ask your questions in the comment section below.  Remember all Email addresses are kept private.  Thanks!

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