Review: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1

TMNT_Foot01_cvrAIn Ninja Turtle history one of the things that keeps changing is the history of the Foot Clan.  A handful of medias have covered this, most changing it in their own ways.  The IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series has made it very clear that their version of each of the characters that we know and love are different from how we’ve ever known them.  Including the Foot Clan.  We know so little about this new Foot Clan, but we do know that the Shredder is brought back to life.  Karai has been leading the Foot till Shredder is back.  Shredder killed Yoshi and his family back in his previous life.  Which has left us with many questions on the Foot Clan.  Now IDW brings us a new comic called “The Secret History of the Foot Clan”.  A series written and drawn by Mateus Santolouco, as Erik Burnham helped with the script.  Here is my review of the first issue.

The book starts off sharing the story of the Yuu Clan, which was lead by Ashikaga Yuu.  Sharing the history of this great clan, but one member of his clan was too skilled for his own good Takeshi Tatsuo.  Takeshi was so dangerous that even his own Master came to fear him.  This much fear was not good for Ashikaga, so he set a trap for Takeshi.  The trap was good and many believed that Takeshi was dead besides for rumors of killings.  Till one day the Yuu clan was wiped out and Takeshi was found butchered in his own bed.

There is so much more to this background story that I only skimmed the surface here.  As Mateus art is great going along with the story.  You see the dangers that Tatsuo had to face.  You see things that I do not want to spoil in words.

Dr. Patrick Miller stands in front of a crowd giving this speech about the Yuu Clan at his event “In Search of NINJA”.  In his speech he mentions that he found more proof of another clan. A temple with no name.  At this point we see the crowd, with Casey and April. April is impressed by Miller’s talk about the Yuu Clan.  Miller then reveals that his new find has the Secret of the Foot.  Which is when we learn that the Turtles are watching this talk as well, a bit surprised to hear the Foot brought up.  Now this has everyone’s attention as he shares what he has learned about the Foot Clan, including that he found the founding leader of the Foot was Takeshi Tatsuo.  This surprises everyone as the listen to rest of his speech, questioning about Oroku Saki.

This is an interesting new background.  And a cool way to see how the Turtles learn about the history of the Foot.  I like the way Mateus is drawing the humans and really feel he has the look of April and Casey down great.  Though his Turtles seem a little forced realistic.  The torn face masks remind me of Raphael’s face mask in Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation.

The following four pages show the past, a village burning as two warriors are going through.  They are not happy with what their Master Takeshi Tatsuo is doing, so they’re saving some of the innocent people.  We learn that one of these men go by the name Oroku Maji.  The other warrior with Maji speaks of Takeshi, how he does not age and the rumors that he is with Demons.  Just then they see a three tailed while fox.  Realizing that is a demon the two men follow it to where Takeshi is.  They get there to see Takeshi threatening a man as the demon shows up, he tells the demon that their business is done and that a message needs to be passed to an Iron Demon about land.  The Fox demon turns human and approves of this message.  The two men see the rumors of demons working with their master is true.

I got excited to see an Oroku in the story, and seeming to be one of the good guys.  Mateus writing is just pulling me through this story with ease.  It really feels as if a lot of thought and heart went into this story. I found the demon appearing very interesting and turning into a human from the three tailed fox was cool.  I liked the mask that it wears, matching the fox face.  A character I would like to learn more about.

Leaving the speech April has great interest in getting a hold of Miller, to find out if he knows more than he shared.  Leonardo shares this interest.  Though Casey does not think this is something that they should push on.  The turtles are not the only ones who caught this speech, as Miller is leaving he is met by Karai who shares with him that she represents a private party who shares his interest.  Telling him that they have acquired pages of the same book that Miller has found pages from, asking for an appraisal giving him her card.

I like the progress here that we see.  As it shows that April and Casey have not got to talk to the man, but there is interest in the group.  While not everyone is interested, it’s clear that they do hold some grounds for checking more into what they can learn about the Foot Clan.  And seeing Karai, you wonder just how safe Mr. Miller is going to be as the Foot is a deadly clan and he is out to share their secrets with the world.

At the Turtles home, the discussion goes on about Miller’s speech as they share what they learned.  Splinter has more to the story to share with them.  He knows of the demon, Kitsune.  His master Masato had told him of the tales of Kitsune.  Now he shares the story of how the rest of the clan planned to take this demon’s control out of the Foot clan.

The following story is worth reading and seeing the images that go along with it.  As Mateus really catches the feel, the dangers and secrets through his writing and art.  A great fight scene that should be enjoyed in the comic.  This is giving a new depth to the Foot clan for us, and I am truly enjoying where it is taking us.

In the rest of this issue we see the Turtles lay out their game plan, who’s on the mission to learn more and who’s not.   Just what the Shredder thinks of this Miller.  And Miller’s thoughts on if he should follow up with Karai.  Though my favorite thing is what we learn about Kitsune demon she reports too.  I am truly excited for this comic and can not wait to see more.

Another thing I like is how they do let us know a little about the time frame this new comic is taking place in by showing us which home the Turtles are in, which is their new home that they fought Slash at.  Seeing this gives us a feel that this is a recent mission.  Though I am curious of how they’re going to slide it into the on going series.

One more thing I love about this issue was that IDW brought Mateus Santolouco in to write and draw the issue.  The reason this stands out so much to me is that Mateus was the one who did Yoshi’s background story in issue 5 of the on going series.  This was a great touch by IDW and I gotta say they did a wonderful job.  By bringing in the same person to handle the history of the Foot Clan, makes the story flow and feel right.  A wonderful choice done by IDW.  I can not believe how much I enjoy this full series so far.

Have you read Secret History of the Foot Clan #1?  If so what is your thoughts of the demons in the Foot’s past?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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Truly a great issue. i actually like how he designed the mask of the Turtles in this comic, it shows some element of their personality. i also like how Krang's robot body looks like a prototype before the modern one as we see now. Also, i wonder how Alopex is relating to this story & is she related to Kitsune.