Review: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2

TMNT_Foot02_cvrAShredder the villain that holds the most power in just the mention of his name for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.  Fans all around the world will answer that Shredder is the true arch enemy of the Ninja Turtles.  Though any who talk to me know that I have mostly been disappointed in the Shredder, as he has just been thrown in as evil.  No real rhyme or reason for what he does.  The only universe that gave Shredder a real background on what got him to go dark and full of anger was the Mirage Comics, until now.  IDW Publishing is releasing the history of the Shredder, in “The Secret History of the Foot Clan” comics.  Issue 2 is now out as they dive more into where Saki comes into play with the old Foot.  Here is my thoughts on the new twists that we are given to Saki’s growth into the Shredder.

This issue starts off with April, Casey, Raphael and Leonardo in April’s van going to check on Prof. Miller.  In the previous issue Prof. Miller had a lot of information on the Foot Clan, which April wanted to question him to learn more.  To their surprise Miller already has company talking to him, which they soon realize is Karai.  They see him get in a car with Karai and decide to follow.

I really do like how they jump right into the story, we knew at the end of the last issue this group was going to do this trip. So seeing them at the location already, and seeing what they need to do was a good way of getting the adventure started without a long build up of stuff we already knew.  The artwork is good, still getting use to Mateus Santolouco’s style for the Turtles themselves though.  I really do like his style for April O’Neil.  I feel that he draws them to where they do look young, but not too young which matches the feel that we are suppose to have for these characters.

Inside Karai’s car Prof. Miller is trying to get the feel for those around him, joking to ease his nerves.  Karai notices that April’s van is following them and a car chase begins.  Those inside Karai’s car begin to strip down from their formal wear to reveal their Ninja outfits.  Prof. Miller is now scared realizing there’s more going on than he originally thought.  As they lead the van into a tunnel the ninjas leave the car to attack, with Raphael and Leonardo ready to jump into action.

This was good pacing, we got to see how Prof. Miller was responding to the situation he got himself into before there was signs of real trouble.  Karai is not pleased doing the work that she has to do, and it shows as she’s very short with Miller.  I also really enjoyed seeing Foot Ninjas that were not traveling as Foot Ninjas, but as bodyguards.  It’s not often we get human faces to the people behind the Ninja masks.  With a good layout, excellent writing and fun artwork I can not wait to see where this goes next.

Fighting on top of the van Raphael and Leonardo have a hang on things with only four Ninjas to fight.  Raph is sent to battle one that is going right at him, which gets him off of the van.  He fastly takes care of that problem as Karai joins the fight. Raph releases a throwing star into Karai’s car, which plants itself right into Miller’s brief Case as he uses it to save his own life.  Karai uses a bow and arrow to take out the front passenger tire on the van, sending it crashing into the tunnel wall.  Leo is able to get off without being hurt, though the van is not going anywhere.  Karai is able to escape with her car, as Raph and Leo try to follow on foot.  Karai’s comes to a stop as she gets out with the driver, pulling Miller from the car.  The Turtles run in for a fight, as Karai tells them they’re too slow and tosses down a smoke bomb disappearing.

Always fun to see a good chase scene mixed with a battle.  The panels in this area was drawn up nicely as we went from scene to scene, seeing how each moment was caught in a panel of pure art.  Seeing the turtles trying their hardest, but the Foot has a one up in getting away.  And watching just how well Karai’s warriors are working with her, with little to no words needed.  This is a sign of their skill and loyalty.  I really love how this is all coming together.

Raphael and Leonardo return to the van to find Casey and April out leaning up against it.  Taking this time to show that the throwing star Raph threw into Karai’s car had a tracking device.  From there we go to an office where Prof. Miller is sitting down with his briefcase under the table, throwing star still wedged into it.  He is questioning about this chase and why he’s really here as Shredder makes his entrance offering a large sum of money for Prof. Miller’s expertise.   Shredder explains that this is the Foot Clan and they have been following his work, as he offers to show how much more Miller could learn with the proper support.  As Karai hands Miller a box with the Ashe No Himtsu in it, a book from the Foot Clan.

It’s nice to see how they’re working at selling Prof. Miller over to their side.  They have what he’s been looking for and want him to do what he loves to do, research.  And he would be paid for it.  The expressions on Miller’s face shows his nerves and interest in what he’s learning.  Knowing that he is over his head, but also knowing that he may never have another chance at getting this close what his research.  I also like how calm that Shredder is, he’s able to sell what he wants to Prof. Miller without trying to scare him more than he already is.  He’s got a strong stance in what he wants and is using it.  The biggest thing here is that the Turtles are lucky the throwing star went into the Professor’s briefcase and not left behind in the car.

We go into a flashback, showing Saki as a child being tested.  He is to choose items that are his, the test proves that Saki is Tatsuo Takeshi reborn due to a curse put on the Foot.  Oroku Maji works to try and help his son be happy and learn to control his anger through Love.  When Saki is older he is a proud member of the Foot and strong, at a ceremony Saki is taking all the credit for a job that Hamato Yoshi and him did together.  Yoshi is with Shen who is not happy with Saki’s ego on these jobs, though Yoshi has to step away as he sees his Master to go talk too.  Saki takes this chance to come up and try to flirt with Shen, she slaps him across the face and Yoshi rushes to her rescue.  The fight is fastly ended by their Master.

This part here has me really excited, we get to see that Saki did have feelings for Tang Shen.  The love fight still has a part in the history of TMNT.  That love fight for me helped symbol who Saki was in the original Mirage Comics.  Even being done different, it is a great nod to the origin story that I totally respect.

At this point I’m going to leave that to the people who pick up the comic and read for themselves to see what happens next.  As there’s more to this story that leaves you on the edge of your seat for the third issue of this story.  Once again IDW has found a story to bring us that is worth reading.

I do have a question about this part of the story though.  Where does it fall into place with the on going comics?  Last we saw the Turtles were taken from this world.  It would be nice to know where this story fits in.  So if anyone from IDW reads this, please do comment with the answer for those of us trying to keep the story in order.

Are you reading these comics?  Have you picked up “The Secret History of the Foot Clan” #2?  What are your thoughts on where they’re going?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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I also think IDW is doing a great job with this series. Also, over a week ago i got the new issue of Blooding Cool & it has a article on some of the Turtles history so far in comics that you might like to read. Please, let me know what you think of the article if you get the time to read it?