Review: Shell Shock in Nickelodeon Universe

For the last few months, we have been talking big time about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles new ride coming to Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America.  Well as mentioned yesterday, the time has arrived for this awesome ride as Turtle fans are gathering to see the ride go into action. A few of us went to the park a day early to explore and see what all is offered and to our surprise, there was a light opening for the TMNT ride so people there could give it a try.   This gave the workers a chance to work the kinks out before the real Grand Opening.

So Cowabunga!   Our crew had to check it out!  After getting our awesome unlimited ride wrist bands for the day, we got in line to check out the new TMNT ride. As you head towards the entrance you can't help but notice the large Ninja Turtles up all around you.  While Mike, Leo, Don and Shredder are up out of reach, Raphael is low enough for you to be able to touch him.   You go through a sewer entrance which leads into the railing for the lines to get onto the Shell Shock ride.  Along the way, you get "Ninja Advice" from signs with Master Splinter on them.

Each of the characters that are displayed on this ride are based on the new Nickelodeon designs.  Splinter looks better in these images than the first shocking image of the TMNT toys that came out on February first.  Shredder looks really cool, though it would be neat if we could get a little closer to him for a better look.  Leo and Don are up front displays and are really well done.  Donatello's bo staff is a bit long though.  The worse thing they did was hide Michelangelo.  Mike can be seen between Leo and Shredder coming up from the back of the ride.  Though it's hard to find a good spot to stand where you can see him, besides for the clear butt shot you get while standing in line.  It would of been a lot cooler if they put him more up next to Donatello on top of the ride, so people could enjoy the art put into the display a bit more.

After getting through the line, they have you remove everything that is loose.  Even if you're wearing glasses with a strap holding them to your head, you have to remove them.  This sucks for those of us with really poor eye sight.  I bought a strap just for this, and felt really disappointed to have to put them in a holder off to the side of the ride.

Now one thing about me is that I am terrified of heights.  One of the reasons I came on Friday was so that I could work my way up to the TMNT ride.  Though since it was open I had to make it my first ride here, which meant I was going to go up 70 feet into the air.  Not something my mind wanted to think about as I sat in the seat and started to get a feel for the controls.  My goal, keep myself from flipping while up there.  A nice steady ride was all I wanted.

The first thing the ride does is pick you up off the ground, then it adjusts for the ride itself, and it starts to bring you upward.  If you are not spinning or flipping your chair, you realize soon afterwards that this is just a much more secure swing ride.  You got a big black leather seat, these army green wings with handles on them, and a big shell that has one of the TMNT weapons of choice on the back of it.  It goes up and down about 4 times before the ride is over.  Not nearly as bad I feared, and helped me get ready for the day, though only because I was not one of the people flipping my seat all around.

My seat, of course is Michelangelo, and some odd reason I kept grabbing the one that goes higher than all the other Michelangelo seats.  I got to go on the ride three times, and all three times I grabbed the same seat.  In between each time I went on the ride, I would ride other rides there at Nickelodeon Universe to get the feel of other thrill rides.  Working at breaking my fear of heights with each ride.

The TMNT ride is all around fun.  You can see the people to the side of you and in front of you flipping their seats around.  You can feel the wind rushing against you as you drop down low each time.  And you get to see a clear shot of the ceiling when you're heading upwards.  The control handles are easy to work with, if you want to keep your seat straight, though really hard for those who want to flip their seats all the way around.  A few of the Cowabunga Corner crew members were trying, while they were able to get their seats upside down, they did not do a full 360, but other people were doing just that.  So there is a trick to making your seat spin.

I do highly recommend this for any TMNT fan that goes to Nickelodeon Universe, even if you do have a fear of heights.  It's okay once you're in the air and it's easy to control your seat.  You can see a lot of the park while up there, and it's fun to shout Cowabunga when you're going in the downward motion.

Thanks Nickelodeon for bringing this awesome new ride to your park!  Looking forward to riding it some more before heading back to Michigan.

Have you gone to Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America?  If so, have you got to ride the new Shell Shock ride?  We'd like to know your thoughts and comments below.  Please remember that all email addresses are kept private.

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How do you stay completely still (like not spinning upside down)

Michele Ivey's picture

That's easy, they seats don't go upside down easy, as long as you keep your wings from going totally up or down on the side of you, you will not flip over. I've gone on it five times and have never gone upside down. My friends who were with me were trying to go upside down and found there's a challenge and trick to getting it to do that. So if you don't want to go upside down, you don't have too

My seat of course woulda been Raphael