Review: SHELL-SHOCK a TMNT Art Show

On June 3rd, 2011 at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia, PA, there was an art show held during the evening.  Art work covered the foyer walls of the comic book shop. Pieces ranging from drawings to dolls.  A table sat between the two doors with pizza boxes stacked up.  People could come and go as they please, talk, enjoy some art and even shop around a comic chop.  Though what makes this event stand out to Cowabunga Corner is that the art show was focused on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

SHELL-SHOCKED was an art show honoring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, held by The Autumn Society.  Art work from variety of artists showing each world of the Turtles and expressing themselves through their mass of different styles.  Most of the art that came to the show was for sale, though one piece of art work was just there for display.  Even if you did not come to buy anything, the eye candy was enough to help jog long ago memories to many of the people who came into Brave New Worlds that evening. 

Phoenix and I were both able to attend this event. We arrived there a little early to watch some of the set up and meet the people there.  We were first greeted by Chorgin “Joe” Munoz. Chorgin is the man behind the show as he started to plan this event two years ago around the time the Turtle Tour came through town.  Chorgin showed us a little of what was going on there, though did have to get back to work on setting up so that the display would be ready on time.  The next person to greet us was Edwin Vazquez, he was helping with the set up for the event.  Both Chorgin and Edwin had art work up for sale.

After our brief hello, Phoenix and I spent some time in the comic shop seeing what they had.  The only thing Ninja Turtles found in the store was buttons up near the register.  They art show, however, had more items to sell. They had Pizza Boxes for sale, which held prints of some of the art work in slightly different color shades, buttons, and gummy pizzas inside.  The top of the pizza boxes had either a Foot sign or a Turtle Shell.  I was able to get both of them. Though Edwin graciously bought one other item for me that I was not aware of right away, a TMNT newspaper type magazine done by one of the artist.

Once things were set up, I spent more time in the Foyer where the art show was, hearing the reactions of people going entering.  It seems today was more than just a Turtle art show in the area, it was some First Friday event they hold monthly where vendors can sell items along the sidewalk and galleries open their doors to people.  So there was a lot of people out, walking the street and many of them came into Brave New Worlds to see the display hanging on the wall.  Turtle items started to sell soon into the start of the show.

The interesting thing to me about Brave New Worlds was that this was not my first time there.  Personally, I have not been to Philadelphia much, so when heading to the event it did not even hit me that I could of been at this location before.  Though on May 1st, 2009 the Turtle Tour Bus was parked across the street from Brave New Worlds.  That only made one of the pieces in this art show seem even more fitting. Brittney Schneck showed up with her homemade Turtle Van!  This was the one thing at the show that was not for sale, and it looked really cool.  It was a nice touch, to know that both times I’ve been to this comic shop, there was a Turtle van there as well.

Once the show got on it’s way of having the buzzing crowds going through, a pizza man showed up with a stack of real pizza boxes.  Having a slice of pizza in hand, was a nice touch to those of us enjoying the Turtle art show. 

I spent most of that evening talking with the people around the show and looking over the art work.  Each piece of art was numbered, with a list on the table saying who the artist was, what type of art it was and how much it cost.  Here is an example of an item that was on the paper:

4. Karla Hansen (a.k.a Karla Jane)
“Heroes in a Plush Shell”
Plush Polar Fleece, & Felt
$80 each ($300 for set of 4)


The email address would also be supplied on the paper as well.  Though once the item from the wall was sold, someone would mark it off and write the word sold next to it on the list.  These cute plush dolls were some of the first to sell as I noticed that Donatello was no longer with his brothers, he was the first one to find his new home.

Over all the event went great.  As a lot of people who came through to see the show were people who just noticed the sign outside the door.  Whispers through the crowd of people saying “I use to love the Turtles when I was a kid”, “I remember those characters... they were the bad guys in the cartoon”, “How much is that April drawing going for?” and the talk kept buzzing from start to finish.  SHELL-SHOCK did a great job at waking up the memories of many people who have not thought about the Turtles in years, and sold a good chunk of the art on the list.

Phoenix and I had a fun time at the event and look forward to sharing some of our video footage from SHELL-SHOCK on Cowabunga Corner News!  We want to Thank the Autumn Society and Brave New Worlds, and hope that everyone who ran the event had as much fun as those of us who got to come and witness this show.

If you’re a fan of art and have interest in going to art shows much like SHELL-SHOCK do take the time to check out the Autumn Society website, as they do different types of art shows!


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