Review: Slash & Newtralizer


Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has been giving us a lot of great characters. Some are brought back from the past, while others are fresh new characters.  Mutants seem to be the main theme of these characters, which make for some great toys. In today’s review I’m looking at Slash and Newtralizer, two toys that go together so well.

I remember being a fan of Slash in the old Archie comics.  While I knew him first from the cartoon series, and found that Slash amusing.  The Archie Comics version was the one that got me to feel for him and the mess that he went through.  We’ve gone years without a version of Slash till now, and when I first heard what Nickelodeon was doing with the character I was surprised and a bit disappointed.  They’re mutating too many different characters, it would be nice to see someone not get mutated.  One of the great things for me with TMNT is that mutants are not a normal everyday thing, now it seems like they are no longer unique in their own world.  I still stand by that feeling about too many mutants, though I have to admit that I personally love what they did with Slash.

Newtralizer stands out most to me because I know he’s created by Ciro Nieli, from his childhood as a fan of the Turtles.  Though in the show, I feel like we still have a lot to learn of the character for me to know if I like him or not.  My favorite episode with him of course is where he is teamed up with Slash, there is just so much left of his story unknown.  He’s an interesting design and very determine to meet his goal.  It’s going to be an interesting ride to see where they take him.

The toys are just as great as the characters.  Lots of designs.  A chance to own cool mutants/aliens from the show.  I did have a different issue with the packaging than normal, though to find out what that is just watch the video.  The toys, wish they were a little bigger to line up to the series.  I am starting to feel like the character heights is a major character design flaw between the Nickelodeon Series and Playmates Toys.  The show wants their Mutants to be big and stand out, while Playmates fear that the larger toys will not sell, so our scale of heights is being hit left right and center when it comes to the toy line coming out.

The Holidays are coming up and if you know a fan of the Nickelodeon TMNT series who do not have these two for their collection yet, than this is a good gift idea.  Both of these toys are great, new to market as of this year.  I recommend them for fans of Nickelodeon TMNT.

Do you have Slash and/or Newtralizer? What do you think of these toys?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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