Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 - Video has Spoilers!


On August 8th the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came to theaters across the United States and a few other Countries.  Over the weekend they took #1 over the weekend in the Box Office.  And have people talking all around on if they like the movie or not.  The video is a SPOILER review, below is a short review with no spoilers.  This will not be my last video on this movie as there is a lot to talk about.  Without any more hold up, here is my review of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 film.

The story is an origin story of how April (Megan Fox) meets the Turtles, why the Foot want the Turtles, and just showing the new characters.  This is a totally new background story for the Turtles, mixed with some stuff taken out of the IDW Comics.  Getting rid of a lot that we all see as important facts about the characters.  While some have accepted this new twist, others are really annoyed with the changes.  I personally don’t mind since it is a new Universe and I’m hoping that they get creative with all the missing details in the second film.

Megan Fox as April O’Neil, this is one of the huge topics of the year.  Everyone warned me how bad she is, and how this is the worse choice that could have been made.  After seeing the film I disagree, as I felt that Megan was as good as Paige Turco up on the screen.  Not my favorite April O’Neil, but she at least played the character and did not turn April into herself.  I hope for Megan that this breaks her out of that type casted view that the crowds had of her originally.  Her character was strong and present through the full movie.  My only complaint was she was in the movie a bit too much, though we predicted that with Michael Bay.

The Turtles appearances and personalities.  Each of the Turtles were who they are known to be.  Some more pushed into their directions, like Raphael with this tough guy attitude and Donatello being the geek.  Though they’re not pushed enough not to make them likable.  I know some people have stated each Turtle as their favorite.  The Turtle I felt got the less amount of time to show a personality was Leonardo, which is rare.  Usually Raphael and Leonardo get most screen time.  This did not trouble me, as I know we’ll get more time to see their characters in future movies.  In the other movies, it is normally Donatello who is overlooked.

Overall I found this as a fun action and comedy, I’ve seen the movie 4 times already and I know I’ll see it more.  I will buy the DVD/Blu-ray/3DBlu-ray when it comes to stores.  I realize that this is not the same Turtles we have known and love, and I also know that this is not my favorite version of Turtles on the market right now.  Both IDW and the Nickelodeon series are far ahead of the film on their plots and characters, though they both also have had more than one story to share with the fandom. 

What did you think of this film?  Do you love it? Like it? Okay with it? Hate it?  and why?  Please no bashing, creative comments only.  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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really great review Michele,here are some of my thoughts on the movie and why i don't like it.1. The designs are horrible in my opinion.2.splinter learning and mastering  ninjusu from a book he finds.3.shredder having no character development.4.splinter and shredder having no connection, one of my favorite parts of any ninja turtles incarnation is the rivalry between them and this movie did not have that.5.mickey and vern both having a crush on april.6.the personalities of the turtles felt way overdone and one dimensional.7.the foot using guns and having no ninja skill.8.karai did nothing and felt pointless to have in the movie.9.raphs speech at the end.10.april getting the last hit on shredder.There is alot more but those are just some off the top of my head.

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I didn't notice that scene in the movie, when Splinter was left alone. Raph should ask April to stay with him. But in the end everything was  OK.I'm agree with you about Donnie carrying a lot a gadgets  plus glasses . It was superfluous.Overall, I like the movie; I watched twice. I might be get the movie once it comes out on Blu Ray and the original movies (1 and 2); the third one it's horrible. I own the 2007 TMNT.

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I didn't notice that scene in the movie, when Splinter was left alone. Raph should ask April to stay with him. But in the end everything was  OK.I'm agree with you about Donnie carrying a lot a gadgets  plus glasses . It was superfluous.Overall, I like the movie; I watched twice. I might be get the movie once it comes out on Blu Ray and the original movies (1 and 2); the third one it's horrible. I own the 2007 TMNT.

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Well... I really have mixed opinions on this one Michele.  On one hand, the visual presentation of the effects, the action scenes and the turtles personalities (except for Mikey's but I will get to him later) were all really well done.  And then you get the LAME villain plot and their plans.  But the biggest problem of all is this is not the turtles movie: Its April's.  The first 25  minutes are only hers and even after the turtles make their debut she is with them all the time.  And to prove its her movie and not the turtles movie, she is the one who kills the Shredder at the end!  What the shell?!  This movie should be called "April O'neil: How this mess began!" And I feel this was only done since it is Megan Fox playing her.  Megan Fox was not that bad as April though and at least they gave her an interesting back story.  It gave her more of a reason to be on the turtles side.  And then the villain plot... Where do I get started?!  The villain plot makes no sense either.  Sacks wants to poison the city so he can save them using the turtles blood and get "stupid rich"...  HE IS ALREADY STUPID RICH!!!  HE HAS A BIG MANSION, AND LAB WITH A BUNCH OF WORKING SCIENTISTS AND TECH IN IT, SEVERAL TRUCKS AND HELICOPTERS!!! And why Eric Sacks?  Why not him be Krang or Stockman?  He must have been Shredder in the original shoots but I am willing to bet that they changed it due to all the fan backlash. And I hate Mikey in this. All he ever does is say "bra" and hit on April.  and that last joke at the end with him and Raph...  *sigh* This movie has its merits, though.  The snow chase scene down the hill and the final fight with Shredder were both quite good.  I think the Turtles themselves were portrayed quite well and I don't really mind the way they look too much.  But anyway that was just my thoughts.  I would love to hear your thoughts Michele on the villain plot and stuff. Cowabunga!!!

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Hey Michele! I am new member to Cowabunga Corner but a longtime lurker. I went in to this movie with no expectations and hoping for the best. I can see the merits you point out. I really can. I myself had even gotten over the look of the turtles. Was I in love with the new designs? No. The designs did however grow on me really because of the figures. I came to appreciate them even if they aren't what I am used to. In alot of ways though I left the movie disappointed and hurt that these turtles are so different from what I grew up with. Maybe I am just going at this movie with my nostaliga goggles on. However, I felt the plot was extremely choppy. Most of the movie felt like it was thrown together last minute. Oroku Saki had to have been thrown in do to fan outrage. I really feel like Eric Sachs was supposed to be Shredder in this movie. There was no development behind Saki and I felt it took away from the movie. The amount of scences that were edited out to do this last minute change had to have been astronomical. We don't see Undercover Raph. The assault van isn't till the very last scene of the movie. I can even get over how much time April took up in the beginning and the militraized foot clan. Most of my faith was shaken in the scene where Splinter learns everything from a book though. That was really hard to swallow for me. Also all the pandering they do to us older fans drove me crazy. It all felt forced. Kind of like a jab at us when they made fun of the aliens part. Or maybe they were mocking themselves depending on you look at it I suppose. The Raph scene at the end had to be the worst. I feel like they tried to force the movie around Raph and in turn force him into a role he isn't meant to play. He isn't the leader. Even as much as they wanted him to be. The Raph I have known for 26 years would have never given that speech. It just isn't in him to do that. The fight scenes weren't terrible just to over the top. When I think of a turtles fight scene between them and Shredder it is the one from the 90 film. I really wanted this movie to be great. It does have it's moments. It is just lacking in soo many other areas that I ended up feeling disconnected from it. There is a TON more I could say but you already said alot of it. Like you, I will still buy the blu ray. In fact I preordered the one from Amazon with the Raph statue. Will I watch it over and over like I do the originals. Probably not. In the words of Master Splinter in the 1990 movie "I have always liked...Cowabunga!"