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In August 2012 I had a short trip to New York City.  While shopping around for stuff over at Midtown comics I found the 2013 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Calendar.  The excitement I had was a thrill.  At this time the show was not on the air yet, we had some promo images starting to come out.  San Deigo Comic Con’s TMNT Panel released some video clips.  The idea of more images of these Turtles was something big to me, so I picked it up.  This has been on display in my room since, and thinking about it I realized I have not shared my thoughts on the Calendar.  So here is my review of the 2013 TMNT Calendar.

This is a 16 month Calendar featuring the CGI Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With September to December 2012 all on the first page and one image.  It says Lean Mean Green on the image, they have some of the letters flipped over for an artistic feel to it. Donatello has his bo staff with the blade standing on the ME from Mean.  Raph is doing a jump front kick, with his sai above his head, under the AN from Lean.  Leonardo is jumping forward, both legs out in front of him with his sword coming down below the EA in Mean.  And Michelangelo is coming up from below with his newest weapon the kusarigama, under the REEN in Green.  Leo and Mike are the two biggest Turtles in the image.  And now that the show has been out for awhile I’ve seen each of these graphics on other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise.  It’s nice that they do cover 2012 end of the year, starting with the month the show hit the air.

January 2013 has Donatello and Raphael.  I recently saw this Donatello pose on the new cups from Walmart.  Raphael is doing a jumping acting which is also seen on the Walmart cups.  Though this is the same image of Raphael from the previous image in the Calendar.  If you ask me, that is a mistake.  The lease they can do if they are going to reuse images is try not to have them back to back.  There are many other poses they could've choose Raph to be doing.  A cool touch that you first get on this page in the Calendar is that another character is added.  Down in the right hand corner, we have a foot soldier.  I do like that touch.

February 2013 has the four Turtles looking through what seems to be like broken glass with reflections of New York City.  This here is creative.  You can’t tell as easy if they are reused images without trying to match the faces, so it’s a fresher piece of art.  The touch of the city is really cool.  I get a nice up close of Donatello’s grin.  Even though it’s the same one from the previous page, it has a different feel to it with all the broken glass around him.  Even though at first the Raph face does look the same as the other two, take note of here his headband is, that lets you know that this is a different image it was taken from.   Leo and Mike are also new images towards the Calendar.  The brightness in Mikey’s smile is awesome.   Down in the right hand corner is a Kraang.

March 2013 is Leonardo jumping with his swords out.  If you look at this image, it’s the same face that was used in February.  Just slanted different.  You can sort of see his body behind the broken green glass to match it up.  So once again they are reusing images already here in the Calendar.  Though it is nice to see the full body pose for this attack.  His name is spelled out in blue letters as he’s breaking through this blue and dark purple background.  Instead of putting an image down in the right hand corner of the Calendar this time they put it jumping out at you over the line between the 4th and 5th.  It’s Leonardo in another jumping pose with one sword pulled.  First time using this image in the Calendar.

April 2013 as Raphael jumping out of a red, yellow, orange and purple background with the name Raphael spelled in red.  The face is the same face used in the February photo.  So they have a lot of reused images already.  He’s in an action pose with his sais pointed in two different directions, jumping knees are fully bent.  In the bottom right corner of the Calendar we have April O’Neil, striking a pose with her fist up near her face.

May 2013, is a group shot.  I have to admit that this is one of my favorite group shots.  I’ve seen it many times, last year I found it as an image online.  Then I saw it on a business card.  And now I own it as a fleece blanket.  I LOVE this image of the guys.  Leonardo is standing front, with Donatello behind him, Mikey off to his right and Raph to his left.  It says “Ninjas in Training” on the image.  And down in the right corner is Splinter on his knees.  Really I haven’t seen this image of Splinter too much, so that is cool.  I love that May is a group shot and using my favorite image for a few reasons.  First, my birthday is in May.  So I’ve always loved May and second the TMNT came out on May 5th, 1984.  So in away May is a birthday for them as well.

June 2013, is Donatello’s image.  This is the same image they used for him in January and February.  Kind of sad that we’re seeing the same image for a third time in the Calendar.  At least this one is months away from the other two.  Just seems that it would've been cool to see more original art.  It says Donnie in white across in front of him, which I do like.  It stands out nicely against the dark background.  Instead of using the right hand corner they got Donny jumping up above the 6th and 7th with his bo staff in hand.  Finally a new picture of Donatello.

July 2013, this has become a well known group shot photo that they have here as well.  It’s the four Turtles in action poses.  In front of them “We are Heroes That’s what we Do”.  I have been seeing this image since March 2012.  It’s a fun picture, and it’s the first time any of these images of the Turtles has been used in the Calendar.  I would love this as a poster on my wall.  Down in the bottom right corner of this page we have Shredder.  He’s standing tall with his arms crossed.

August 2013, Is Michelangelo’s page.  Here we have the same image you got in the first page of the Calendar, just not flipped upside down.  Also used on the cover.   A shame they didn’t give each of their solo pages fresh images of them for the big image. And for Mikey I would've loved the big image to have his nunchucks instead of the kusarigama.  So a bit disappointed with this page.  As Mikey is my favorite Turtle.  The second image on this page is Michelangelo with his chucks, above the 5th and 6th.  I wish that was the bigger image used here, since it is a fresh one not seen elsewhere in the Calendar.

September 2013, is Raphael’s month.  Here we have a different image of Raphael running forward with his sais.  This name is in white, with a sai going through the a. It’s nice to see an image for a Turtle’s solo month, that was not already previously used in this Calendar.  The tiny image in this one is of Raph jumping, knees folded and his arms are crossed with his sais, it can be found before the dates 25th and 26th.

October 2013 is fa group shot of the four Turtles.  All of which are images that have been used.  This is almost the same as the cover cover of the Calendar.  Donatello’s image is the only one that does not match the cover, though you can find it on page 1 of the Calendar.  You also see that Leonardo image on the first page.  Michelangelo’s image in this group shot is used on the first page as well, but also is the main photo on August 2013.  Raphael’s image is on the first page and January.  Really it’s a bunch of images that are already used.  In the right hand corner is April O’Neil.

November 2013 is Donatello jumping with his staff over his head.  This is the first time I’ve seen this image in the Calendar, though it does look like it could be the cover one reversed it is not.  There are some differences that helps tell it apart.  It’s good to see them using other photos here and there instead of the repeats.  Down in the right corner is Splinter.

December 2013 is the last page inside the Calendar it has Michelangelo and Leonardo on it.  Both are poses we’ve already seen in the book as we get that same image as Michelangelo for a fourth time.  Unless you want to count the cover, that’s five images with this Michelangelo.  Leonardo is the same from the March image.  In the right hand corner for this December is a Kraang.

The back cover shows all of the months images plus what the Calendar date area looks like.  It says MWV Consumer & Office Products.  There is also a Day Dream logo on it.  And one for Act Responsibly.   And a square that say MIX Paper from responsible sources.  So it sounds like this is recycled which is good.

This is a fun Calendar with giving the option of having a different TMNT photo on your wall each month.  The worse thing about it for me is all the reused images.  I realized that at the time they were very short with images that was going to be released to the public before the show was released.  So I hope that future Calendars will not be this much repeats through the full thing.  It truly is one of the first glances as the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that the public truly got.  Which makes this a great collectible.   My Calendar goes back up to the wall now, to enjoy seeing each of these images as their months roll around.

Do you have the Nickelodeon TMNT 2013 Calendar?  If so what are your thoughts?  Do you think they needed more different pictures or that they did good with the few they had?  Why did Raphael get two months when all the other Turtles only got one?  Share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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Hi Michele,

I just found your article and loved what reading about your memories of seeing the TMNT show at Six Flags. I am one cast members from that show. I was Donatello when you saw us. I have great memories of performing and seeing all the happy faces in the audience. I bet you are excited for the movie to come out!

Happy memories!