Review: TMNT Basic Bath Set


Christmas time is buzzing at Cowabunga Corner, on and off the website.  While we love getting up as much stories as we can for those interested.  We’re also spending time with family, getting the house ready, shopping and wrapping presents.  It’s the time for caring, giving and family.  We will keep working to get the stories here, focusing mainly on Christmas items right now.  This review is for a set sold during the Holiday season by MZB, this is the Basic Bath Set.

Not to be confused with the Bath Set we recently reviewed, this set holds a few different items.  With 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, it also has Bubble Bath, Hair Gel and a shower bag.  We have seen both the 3 in 1 and Bubble Bath in the Bath Set review.  Making both the Hair Gel and the Shower bag the two new items found in this set.  Are they worth getting though?

I will be honest, I bought this set for the bag.  Once getting the bag out during the video I found how the image will come off very easy as it’s not even stuck on that good with bubbles under the picture.  And since then, just picking up the bag, ripped a piece of Michelangelo’s face on the image.  Being a real disappointment.  While the bag works at holding all the soap, the zipper works at closing.  The reason I got the set, is a bit of a let down.

The soaps all work as soaps, their containers are normal soap containers with TMNT images placed on them.  And while this is the only set I have right now with the TMNT Hair Gel, it’s not the only set I’ve seen it in.  While I do recommend the soaps, I do think that the other sets I’ve seen them in are a better buy.  As the Hair Gel comes in a set with that TMNT Wash Mitt, and the 3 in 1 and Bubble Bath both come with a cool TMNT Soap bottle that’s shaped like Leonardo in another set.  The only thing this set had to offer that is new is a bag, with an image that doesn’t last.

If you’re designing a Shower Bag for travel.  It’s good to make it so any images on the bag will stay with being touched by either hands or water.  This image is not good for either.  I do say it’s a decent set if you want it to put away in a collection, or if you don’t care if the image rubs off of the bag.  Everything does it’s function.  It’s just not my favorite thing that MZB has released.

Do you have the Basic TMNT Bath Set?  If so what store did you find it at?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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