Review: TMNT Children Socks

There a lot of cool things being released for young Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.  Some of these items can be found at good prices, like the TMNT socks for kids at Target.  Only $1 per a pair of socks, each pair with a different Turtle.  I’m going to go over these four pairs of socks, they’re way too small for me so I can’t talk about how well they last or fit.  Though can talk about the details of look and feel.

The first of the pairs is Michelangelo, these are white socks, with orange lining around the toes and heel.  The top of the sock has a light green line around them, and there’s a Turtle shell made of the same green with black TMNT going over the Shell.  The Turtle shells with TMNT are for the ankles, there’s two per a sock.  On the front of the sock, is a image of Michelangelo with a smile on his face.  His arms are crossed, and he’s a bit darker of a green then the Turtle Shells are.  The image of Mikey shows just to below his belt line.  This is 2D image, so it does not look like it jumped off the screen.

The Donatello’s color is dark blue The toes and heels are black, as well as the lining around the top.  There is a black shell on the ankles, in the center of the shell is the letters NYC for New York City.  Donatello’s image is not a relax happy image like Michelangelo’s.  He’s in a defense pose with his bo staff out.  A determined look on his face.  Under him it says “Turtles Rule!”

Raphael has grey socks with a white trim around the top, that has a red line through it.  There’s a Splinter’s symbol that can be found on his Gi and throwing stars in the cartoon series, in red for the ankles.  Raphael looks like he’s being taken by surprise by something behind him.  His eyes are looking as if his head is swinging to see something as he’s grinding his teeth. There is stripes going from behind Raphael of dark grey with a red one between. 

The last pair is Leonardo.  Leonardo’s got a red pair of socks.  The toes and the heels are black,  and the ankles have a black shell with NYC in the center.  Though the N does look more like a H or W.  Leonardo looks like he’s ready to jump down into a fight.  He’s got a smug smile on his face, sword in hand, knee up and is looking downward.  There’s black lines in the red behind Leo, making it look like a brick wall.

These socks all have labels saying “Safety Toes Socks with Lining”.  The images of the Turtles are on the top of the Foot.  The socks feel soft.  Shell is 95% Polyester, 4% Rubber, 2% Spandex and Lining is 100% Nylon.  It’s only $4 for the set of them.  Something kids can enjoy, showing their love for their fandom.  Even though they’ll mostly be covered up by shoes.

One of my big problems with socks these days is how many pairs come with their design on the top of the foot.  While there’s a great amount of room there for the design, shoes cover up these designs.  The artwork on these socks is original for the socks and really well done.  Though most people will not see these, because of the shoes that will cover them.  I remember when I was a kid, my socks would go over my ankles and the designs were on the sides where the ankles are so people could see the cool artwork instead of letting it be hidden.  This is my only real complaint about the design of these socks. 

The other thing that makes me disappointed is not in the design but the release.  These are for kids only.  Not often we see cool socks like these for adults.  I would love to see them come out with larger sizes in these socks.  I know I would wear them.  These look great, but the real people who can give a review on such a product is parents of children who wear them.

Do you have these socks?  For collection or for kids?  Let us know your thoughts on them.  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below.

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