Review: TMNT Hot Cocoa Mug Set


There’s a lot of awesome ideas out here for Ninja Turtles fans this Holiday.  We’ve been sharing a lot of the MZB Holiday gift ideas.  They are not the only ones who are releasing gift sets that could be fun for the family.  And we love sharing more with everyone.  This one is from Frankford, the same company that makes a lot of the Valentines treats we share.  Here is my review of the Hot Cocoa Mug Set!

This set comes with two mugs, and two pouches of Hot Chocolate.  Both mugs have the same image on them.  The hot chocolate mix is from Nestle, really been my favorite Hot Chocolate since I was a child.  I found this set at Toys R Us.

I recommend this set to TMNT fans who like Hot Chocolate and love having new TMNT Mugs in their cabinets.  These are based on the Nickelodeon TMNT design.  And is not something seen everywhere, making it a nice gift for the Holidays that your friends or family who like TMNT, may not already own.

Do you have the TMNT Hot Cocoa Mug Set?  If so, what is your thoughts about it? Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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