Review: TMNT Micro Series Vol 1

IDW Publishing has been bringing us a handful of great comic books, this time it’s the IDW TMNT Micro Series. With a total of 8 in production, we’ve seen four of them so far and they’ve been great.  I’ve had the chance to review each of these comics as they came out.  There was the Raphael issue, which brought us signs of Bebop and Rocksteady.  The Michelangelo issue where he goes to party.  A wonderful Donatello comic where he makes a new friend.  And then an issue about Leonardo as he faces off against Foot Soldiers for his first time.  These comics have all been reviewed here on Cowabunga Corner, though now IDW brings us a Graphic Novel which contains the first four issues of the Micro Series.

This book contains the four Micro Comics, so if you’ve missed them this is a great way to pick them up.  You have each comic in order of which they were released with their covers between each issue.  The only thing you do miss out on here is that the original comics came out with different covers, in this they choose two of the covers per a comic.  One at the beginning which are the David Petersen covers and one right after the story is over, which is the cover done by the artist who drew those issues.  This is a clever way of doing this and sharing the different covers, while not overdoing it too much.

The first 99 pages is full of action packed stories about each of the Turtles.  These are stories that helped shape up the series itself.  I personally felt the Donatello’s issue was the best with story and art, as it is the one that I tell new people to read if they’re going to read just one issue of IDW to see what they think.  It has the fresh new feel to the Turtles, with all those old hints that we enjoy so much.  This is a great buy for any TMNT fan.

Now the pages after 100 are great.  They’re finally giving us some bonus features in their graphic novels with character design art from Kevin Eastman, as well as cover and character sketches from some of the other artists.  It’s always good to have that little bit of extra in there that we can enjoy.  With these features, it makes the comic a great collector piece as well, so fans who already own the individual comics may want to pick this book up.

One of the things I really do like about this issue is that each of the TMNT Micro Series had these great covers done by David Petersen, and I’m really glad that they did not lose those for the graphic novels.  He did a wonderful job on each cover, putting in so much detail and work.  The book looks great, and even the cover of the book uses David’s artwork.

I highly encourage this book for all TMNT fans who are keeping up with the IDW books, or those who are interested in seeing what the IDW books have to offer.  These are side stories from the main story line, but they’re good and a great read for anyone who has an interest in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We get to see different artists take their hand at drawing the Turtles and have other writers bringing the characters to life.  Much like the original Mirage TMNT Comic books did with first Volume 1 of TMNT and then Tales of TMNT Vol, new artists and writers are sharing their stories of the Turtles.  It should be a fun to see where they take us next.

Have you read the Micro Series Comics?  Have you or will you be picking up the new TMNT Micro Series Graphic Novel?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions down below.

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