Review: TMNT Minimates Series 2 Keychains


Some of the items that are on the market I’ve been enjoying this year have been the small toys of the Turtles.  We got the tiny Half Shell Heroes, the blind bag Keychains, and even the Funko blind box toys.  The small ones are fun because they don’t take up as much room, easier to travel with and can make good displays.  Here is one of the other group of small toys released, these are the Diamond Select Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Minimates Series 2 Keychain two packs.

Each of these packs of Turtles come with a Turtle, another character and a small character.  Leonardo comes with Splinter and a slice of pizza from Pizza Face episode.  Donatello has a Kraang, and Norman.  While Raphael gets Spike and Anton Zeck.  Last we have Michelangelo with Casey Jones and Ice Cream Kitty!  I personally love just the character list that was released.  There is another two pack for Donatello, where it’s a rare green Donatello. 

I have to say that the detail that they put into these characters is really amazing.  Each Turtle has two different heads, a fun head and a more normal face.  They have their weapons that fit onto their belts.  And they have something pizza related, Mikey came with a full pizza, while Raph and Don came with pizza slices.  Leonardo had the pizza box.  All of these put together could be used for a very neat photo shoot.  And the details on the throwing stars that came with Raphael is just a really great touch.

I recommend these for older fans of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because of all the tiny pieces.  They’re not meant for really little kids.  The package says recommended for kids 8 and over.  I agree with this packaging.  As the parts are really tiny.  Packed full of detail, but too small to want in the hands of young children.

Do you have any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 2 toys?  If so, which ones do you have?  Did you collect them through blind bags or get them in the two packs?  If you got them in the two packs do you use them as keychains?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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