Review: TMNT Savage Mikey and Monkey Brains by Playmates Toys


One of my favorite areas of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys is when they have the different characters or costumes from the show.  I want to collect all of the different characters as that just makes the collection feel more complete, good and bad guys are important to have on display together.  I got really excited to when I found these two.  Here’s my review for Savage Mikey and Monkey Brains.

Savage Mikey was first seen in episode 50 of the Nickelodeon Animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, titled “Into Dimension X!”.  In this episode Michelangelo goes through a portal before his brothers.  The time difference makes it so he has time to learn the way of the land before his brothers get there.  Once they are there, Mikey saves the day and takes lead.  I loved this episode of the show as I felt it gave Mikey a moment to shine.  And he did a great job at it.  It also had Leatherhead in the episode, which was something we had to wait a long time for.

The toy of Savage Mikey is really well done.  He’s got all of his joints, he’s got his costume, which may be a little off, need some color work in a few areas.  Though the headpiece is amazing.  It comes off of Mikey and fits back on so well.  Just watch the video to see why I like the headpiece and what I find is the wrong size for Mikey.

Monkey Brains goes by the name Dr. Rockwell.  He was introduced in the episode “Monkey Brains” from Season 1 of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Dr. Rockwell later joins the Mighty Mutanimals and wears a helmet that helps him control his abilities.  Working with Slash, Leatherhead and Pigeon Pete to help keep New York City safe from crime.

I was really shocked that the toy was named “Monkey Brains” instead of Rockwell.  That just felt out of place for the character as I don’t hear them calling him Monkey Brains.  Another thing that surprised me with this action figure is the lack of his helmet.  He came with no weapons or anything, the helmet would’ve been a nice touch.  In the video I share my likes and dislikes with this toy.

I recommend these toys for collectors of the sets, fans of the characters, adults and children.  They’re fun and they do both come off as good toys.  The expression on Rockwell’s face is funny.  Mikey’s headpiece is awesome.  Together they’re a lot of fun and would make great gifts for the Holiday Season.

These are from Playmates Toys.  The company that has stayed with the TMNT for the longest time, and helped make the Turtles to be what they are today.  Please do take the time to check their websites:






Do you have Savage Mikey or Monkey Brains by Playmates Toys?  If so which one, or do you have both?  What are your thoughts on these toys?  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below!


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Hey, Michelle great review-I just wanted to let you know that in another video review of the Mikey Turflytle figure, it was shown that the clip on the back portion of his rubber mask can fit over the bandana knot on the back of his head to secure it on his head during play or displaying.

Michele Ivey's picture

Yeah, I've also done a video review of Turflytle and I show that area where it's suppose to connect to the head band, but the piece is too small when you do get it slide down there the eye piece does not cover the eyes.  And it doesn't really stay on there.  This piece for Savage Mikey is really awesome, it's truly the best fitting costume piece we've gotten for the toys.  

I know I'm not the only one disappointed with the head piece for Turflytle as I have a few friends who just glued the head piece on, so it would stop falling off.