Review: TMNT Swap Book


Most Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products that I’ve picked up at the market, I’ve at least heard of that type of product before.  Every now and then, something new comes that just seems different or strange to me.  A new thing that young people may be enjoying.  These items are still part of TMNT history and will be shown here.  Which brings us to today’s review, a TMNT Swap Book.

I’ve never heard of a Swap book before.  While yes, I am guilting of passing notes in school, I do not think I’d ever want those notes put into a book to be passed around.  This really did catch me by surprise when I first saw at at Toys R Us.  I picked it up, in hopes that inside the book there would be some sort of tag about Swap Books, though there wasn’t any.  Clearly this one, will not be used as a Swap Book.

In the video I show how well the paper holds up to the pens that it comes with.  I do some fast sketches to show the colors between pen and the paper.  And a bit of my confusion as to what a Swap Book is, and how long has these been around?  What is the purpose?  I do think that my reason for not wanting one for notes is that, I’d want my friends to be able to keep any notes that I write to them.  And same here.  I have notes from my friends at school, and it’s fun to go over them with the friend and see if they got the other notes.  Just for me personally, this book will be used for my own personal notes for either the collection, events or Cowabunga Corner.

I recommend these books for people who like cool TMNT note books.  It’s got a hard cover, good paper for writing on and comes with two pens.  A great addition to any collector of Nickelodeon TMNT fans.  And I highly recommend it for people who love Swap Books, so that it gets to the intended audience.

Do you have this TMNT Swap book?  Do you use Swap Books?  What is your favorite thing about the Swap Book?  Please share more details about this interesting product by Tri-Coastal Design.  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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